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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Device Reservation

Version [7 September 2022]

    1. You can make a device reservation with us via Maxis Online Store or Hotlink Online Store (“Device Reservation”) when the following conditions are meet: -
      1. a particular model and specification of the Device is out of stock, as indicated on our Maxis Online Store website or Hotlink Online Store;
      2. you must be an existing postpaid subscriber with an active mobile account registered with Maxis.
      Device” shall mean mobile device, home device, tablet and any portable device as offered by Maxis from time to time.
    2. Only ONE (1) unit of Device can be reserved per NRIC at any one time.
    3. Reservation is subject to the supply of the manufacturer.
    4. A reservation fee of RM300 is payable at the point of reservation on acceptance of this Terms and Conditions (“Reservation Fee”).
    5. We will notify you on the availability of your reserved Device via SMS, followed by an email with link valid for 48 hours, for you to complete the purchase of Device via Maxis Online Store/Hotlink Online Store.
    6. If the Device purchase is not completed within 48 hours from the time the email link is sent, we will deem that you no longer want to keep your Device Reservation and Maxis will automatically cancel your Device Reservation and allocate such reserved Device to the next customer in the waiting list.
    7. We will credit the Reservation Fee amount in your next postpaid bill.
    8. Cancellation of Device Reservation is only allowed prior to Device availability.
    9. You may apply for refund of the Reservation Fee in the event you cancel the reservation prior to Device availability by contacting Maxis. We will credit the Reservation Fee amount in your next postpaid bill and any request for refund via cash or online banking transfer will be declined. Other than refund of the Reservation Fee, Maxis shall not have any other liabilities.
    10. You are not allowed to transfer your Device Reservation to another person or another Maxis’ mobile number.
    11. You are not allowed to change or request for change of the model, colour, capacity and specification of the Device once the Reservation Fee is paid.
    12. We reserve the right of final determination on the price and offers of the stock.
    13. These terms and conditions are subject to our General Terms & Conditions (“GTC”) at Capitalised terms not define herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the GTC.