Service Specific Terms & Conditions (“SSTC”) – MaxisONE Home Broadband

MaxisONE Home Broadband – Terms & Conditions | Appendix – MaxisONE Home

Version 1 March 2017

Facebook Ad Campaign Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotion offers a one (1) month free access fee upon successful registration and installation of MaxisOne Home fibre services
  2. Duration of the promotion is from 1 March 2017 to 31 March 2017
  3. The offer is only applicable for new subscribers/activations
  4. This promotion is only available via call in’s to 1 800 82 4663
  5. Subscribers must mention the Facebook promotion in order to be eligible for the offer
  6. In addition to these offer terms and conditions, you will be subject to the Maxis Fibre Internet Service Specific Terms and Conditions, as set out on our official website at

Version 15 November 2016


  1. The Product & Service(s): comprises of MaxisONE Home Broadband.
  2. You: Person(s) signing up for the Product.
  3. The Product and use of the Service(s) are subject to the General Terms & Conditions (“GTC”), Service Specific Terms & Conditions (“SSTC”), Maxis Fair Usage Policy and any other applicable terms and conditions, all at and
  4. Capitalised terms herein have the same meaning as defined in the GTC.
  5. Any conflict or inconsistency between this SSTC, the GTC and Summary Terms and Conditions (“STC”), shall be construed in the following order of precedence: (a) SSTC; (b) GTC; and (c) STC.
  6. We reserve the right without liability, to revise this SSTC, Product and our pricing. Where reasonably practicable, we will give you reasonable advance notice of such changes and all previous versions of our user guides or leaflets will be superseded. You accept you are responsible for regularly reviewing information on the Product, plan(s) and Service(s) at, including changes to the Agreement. Your continued use of the Service(s), Product and/or plan(s) (after the Effective Date of any revision/change to the terms and conditions of Agreement, Services and/or plan(s)) shall constitute unconditional acceptance by you of such revisions/changes and you shall be bound by the same. If you do not accept such revisions/changes, you will terminate the plan(s) and/or the use of the Services by giving us notice within 28 days from the Effective Date, failing which you are assumed to have accepted the changes.

Availability of Service(s)

  1. The Product & Service(s) are only available in certain coverage areas. Call 123 (from your mobile), 1 800 82 1123 or visit to check if you are within the coverage area.
  2. We will endeavour to call you within 7 days of your application for the Product & Service(s) and inform you of acceptance or rejection of your application. Provision of the Product & Service(s) is at our sole discretion.


  1. You are ineligible for the Product & Service(s) if you have any outstanding payment(s) with us.
  2. The Product & Service are inapplicable to you if you are a commercial user and/or bulk subscriber.
  3. The provision of Service(s) is contingent on your premises being-fibre ready and having a termination point within the premises.


  1. The applicable charges and rate table guide for the Product & Service(s) are as set out on our official website at Charges displayed do not include all applicable taxes and GST.

Minimum Period and Duration of Services

  1. The Service(s) commences on the date of successful onsite installation of the Equipment at your premises or such other date as stated in the Registration Form or as approved by us in writing, and is for a minimum contract period of 24 months. A RM500 termination charge applies where you terminate the Service(s) before the end of the 24 months. After the 24 months, the Service continues until terminated in accordance with this SSTC.

Deposit & Billing

  1. A deposit of RM500 is chargeable for non-Malaysians subscribing for the Service(s).
  2. You may receive a bill for each Service subscribed for in the package (up to 2 bills). Non-payment for any one of the Service package may result in suspension or barring of all the Services until the outstanding amount is paid.

Installation of Service(s)

  1. You will receive a call from us within 5 days upon registration, confirming your installation appointment date and time. You must inform us 3 days prior to the appointment date for any rescheduling or cancellation of the installation. We reserve the right to charge you RM200 for any late rescheduling or cancellation request.
  2. You consent for us and/or our agents gaining access to your premises, with prior notice to you, to place our Equipment and install the Service(s).Installation will be at the address you provide us. Installation of the Service(s) will take approximately 6-7 hours and you must agree to the drilling area before we begin installation.
  3. You must be present during installation or designate a person aged 18 or above to be present on your behalf for installation of the Service(s), failing which we will not proceed with the installation.
  4. A one-time installation fee of RM200 for standard installation is payable for the Service. The installation fee may be subject to change as updated on our official website at Standard installation covers the first 85 metres (outside your home) from the nearest fibre distribution panel to the termination box, and the first 15 metres (inside your home) from the termination box to the access termination box. If the length required at your premises exceeds the said allocated amount, you will have to bear extra charges. The installation provided is of standard specifications (over wall with clip or cable casing only). Costs for non-standard installations, such as over the ceiling, underground ducts, concealed wiring, etc. will be borne by you.
  5. If you are relocating, you must provide us prior notice of your relocation. Any relocation will be subject to the Service(s) coverage area and a relocation charge of RM200. We may terminate the Service(s) with notice to you if the Service(s) cannot be provided at your relocated Premises.
  6. In the event that you are not ready for installation upon our visit to your Premises, installation of Service(s) will be differed. You will resolve any issue (being the cost of the deferment) and reschedule a new installation date within 21 days from the cancelled date. Failure to reschedule an appointment date will result in your application being terminated, and you will be charged accordingly.
  7. You will need to purchase your own Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication Phone (DECT) phone for your use and you agree to accept the phone number assigned to you before we activate the Service.


  1. You are responsible, at all times, for the safety of Our Equipment in your Premises. Upon termination of the Service(s), our Equipment must be returned in good condition, failing which you may be charged for any loss or damage.
  2. The modem/Optical Network Terminal (ONT) provided to you remains as Maxis’ property. Upon termination of the Service(s), you must return to us the complete ONT in good working condition, failing which you will be charged. For rate charges, visit
  3. The Residential WiFi Modem belongs to you and has a warranty that is reflective of your MaxisONE Home Broadband contract. Please visit your nearest Maxis Centre should you have any issues with the modem.
  4. Please call 1 800 82 1123 or 123 from your Maxis mobile number for assistance on technical issues.

Additional Features & Requirements

  1. Speed of the Maxis Fibre Internet Service is on a best-efforts basis. We reserve the right to manage your speed should you exceed the stipulated data volume quota.
  2. The Service(s) is offered as a package (which includes voice (VoIP) services). Suspension, barring or termination of a particular Service from the package will cause the other Service(s) in the package to be suspended, barred or terminated (as the case may be) as well.
  3. Voice (VoIP) services will be on a pay-per-use basis unless stipulated otherwise in the respective MaxisONE Home Broadband plan(s) offered.
  4. You are allocated monthly free call credits under your Service(s) package. If you exceed the allocated monthly call credits, you will be charged the prevailing rates as stated on our website at Any unutilised balance of monthly free call credits is not refundable, returnable, non-convertible to monetary value, and cannot be carried forward or accrued towards your account.
  5. All value added services offered with relevant plans or packages will be available to you as long as you subscribe to the MaxisONE Home Broadband service.
  6. Only those who have subscribed to the MaxisONE Home Broadband plan for a minimum period of 7 months may downgrade to a lower MaxisONE Home Broadband plan.
  7. We reserve the right to introduce and deliver new Service(s) over a shared infrastructure. You may subscribe to such new or additional Service(s) by way of a request to us and the relevant Service(s) terms and conditions shall be deemed accepted by you upon your acceptance and/or usage of such new and/or additional Service(s). This applies to Service(s) we may provide as a package to you.


  1. To discontinue the Maxis Fibre Internet Service, you must go to any Maxis Centre.
  2. For any planned interruption of Service(s), adequate notice will be provided via a valid mobile number and/or any other mode of communication as we may deem appropriate.