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Our updated GTC, effective from 20 December 2020, Refer


About Maxis Postpaid Rate Plans Upgrade

What’s new with Maxis Postpaid plans?

We are making Maxis Postpaid plans even better. Maxis Postpaid plans mentioned below will enjoy more data from 4 June 2020. We are also enhancing the flexibility for principal by giving Maxis Postpaid Share 48 a single quota of 30GB and it is shareable principal and supplementary lines.

Rate Plan Current New (from 4th June 2020)
Maxis Postpaid 68 (Sabah & Sarawak) 15GB all-day     30GB all-day*
Maxis Postpaid 98 20GB all-day*  + 10GB 4G weekend** 40GB all-day*
Maxis Postpaid 108 30GB all-day* 50GB all-day*
Maxis Postpaid 128 40GB all-day* 60GB all-day*
Maxis Postpaid 158 50GB all-day* 80GB all-day*
Maxis Postpaid 188 60GB all-day* 100GB all-day*
Maxis Postpaid Share 48 10GB all-day + 10GB personal** 30GB all-day*
Maxis Postpaid 248 70GB all-day* 110GB all-day*
Maxis Postpaid 368 100GB all-day* 130GB all-day*
Tablet 28 Plan 10GB* 30GB*

**Non Sharable

When will my quota be upgraded? 

We are processing all upgrades from 4 to 10 June 2020. You will be notified by SMS upon successful upgrade. The upgraded plans are available for new line activation from 4 June 2020 onwards.


Will the quota be given full or pro-rated during the upgrade? 

You will receive full quota at upgrade.


I have set the limit for all my share line(s). Will the settings be changed for each of my shareline(s) after the upgrade?  

We are keeping the existing limit for your share line which was activated before 4 June 2020. Example: if share line has 3GB share limit and 10GB personal, new share limit will be reset to 13GB; essentially the share line has the same amount of quota for usage. This will be reflected in Maxis app after the quota in your account have been successfully upgraded which we will notify you via SMS. After that you may change the limit for your share line(s) any time on Maxis app.

If you add a Maxis Postpaid Share plan after 4 June 2020, the limit of usage will be set at 30GB and you can change it anytime on Maxis app.


Can I change the share limit for my share line? 

In order to ensure there is no discrepancy in share line's limit of usage. Change of share limit will be temporarily unavailable from 4 to 10 June 2020. You may change the share limit from 11 June 2020 onwards on Maxis app and Maxis Self Serve.


Will there be any prorated charges because of the upgrade? 

No. This is a automatic, permanent and free upgrade, no price change for your monthly commitment.


Will there be any changes in the bill? 

There will be no change to your bill.


Can I use the new quota for MaxisONE World? 

Yes, you can use the new quota from MaxisONE World when you have exhausted the daily 500MB roaming quota.


If my line is suspended, will I enjoy the upgrade? 

To enjoy the new quota please reactive your suspended line.




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