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Frequently Asked Questions

eSIM Transfer

  • Yes, you may use the eSIM Transfer functions to transfer your active eSIM on your current iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch to your new iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch.

  • The supported devices are iPhone Xs, iPhone 11 and beyond, iPad version 2020 and beyond and Apple Watch 4 and beyond and. Operating System requirement is iOS 16.3 (both current and new iPhone/iPad), iOS 17 for iPhone Xs (both current and new), watchOS10.

  • No, at the moment the eSIM transfer is only available for Apple devices.

  • Yes, to transfer your eSIM, both of your devices will need to have stable Wi-Fi and cellular connection. Please ensure that you have stable Wi-Fi/cellular connection during the eSIM transfer process.

  • Before you start the eSIM transfer process, please ensure the following:

    1. Stable Wi-Fi/cellular connection for both of your iPhones/iPad/Apple watch
    2. The Apple ID of your new iPhone is the same as the current iPhone and both devices are within close proximity
    3. Ensure that passcode is set in both your devices
    4. Your current iPhone still has cellular connection and is able to receive SMS notification
    5. If you are a supplementary line holder or transferring from an iPad, please ensure that your principal line is nearby as the SMS OTP will be sent to that number and you will be required to enter the OTP in order to proceed.
    6. If you are transferring from your Apple Watch, please ensure that both watches are paired to your iPhone
    7. The mobile service/line which you are performing the eSIM transfer must be active. If you are a supplementary line holder, please ensure that your principal line is active too.
    8. Your account holder registered email address. You may get your account holder registered email address from Maxis app > Me > Contact Details

    You may follow the step-by-step guide at


  • Go to your Maxis app > Me > Contact Details to get/update your account owner email address.

  • Please reconnect to a stable Wi-Fi/cellular connection again and re-initiate eSIM transfer again from the start.

  • No, you will be required to pair your Apple Watch to your new iPhone again after transferring your eSIM from your previous iPhone to new iPhone in order to enjoy cellular capabilities.

  • No there are no charges for performing eSIM transfer.

  • No, you will not be allowed to perform Maxis eSIM transfer if your line is suspended or barred.

  • Yes you can. However, please ensure that your current iPhone is able to receive SMS OTP for verification.

  • Yes. Please ensure that your principal line holder is within close proximity during Maxis eSIM transfer request.

  • The iPad is supplementary line to your principal line. Please ensure that your principal line holder is within close proximity to provide the SMS OTP for you to proceed with the Maxis eSIM transfer verification.

  • Please walk-in to your nearest Maxis Centre and request for SIM replacement and specify that you require a physical SIM.

The FAQ’s are meant for clarification purposes only. The FAQ’s may be modified from time to time. Please refer Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions of the products and/or services for more information.

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