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Frequently Asked Questions

International Roaming

  • You can activate International Roaming anytime and anywhere (local and oversea) via Easy Menu, just dial *100#, select Intl Roaming, select any Country, select again Intl Roaming and then select ON.

    Alternatively you can give us a call.

    Tip:- If your line is a supplementary or share line, please get your account owner to call in for activation.

  • International Roaming is by default with new line activation.

    For our existing customers, some may not have International Roaming by default or had deactivated it previously.

    You may check and turn it on or off via Maxis app and Maxis Care portal. On Maxis app, tap on service details, tap on Value Added Services, check if Roaming box is checked. To switch on International Roaming, check the box and to switch it off just unchecked the box.

    Alternatively, this can be done at Maxis Care under “Manage Value Added Services”

  • If your International Roaming service is on; when you arrive at your destination, upon switching on your mobile and connected via our roaming operator, you will receive a message on arrival from Hotlink or Maxis.

    In the message, will state International Roaming service details at the destination country:

    • Roaming services (voice, SMS, data) availability.
    • Our roaming partner/ operator(s) and which one comes with 5G roaming.
    • Whether data roaming is available, whether it is on pay per use* and any data roam passes.
    • Call Maxis Customer Service for FREE by dialing *123#

    * If there are no data passes available and data roaming is on pay per use, it is advisable that you SWITCH OFF data roaming on phone settings to avoid bill shock!

  • There is no monthly subscription for International Roaming, your International roaming usages are charged on pay-per-use and in the form of passes such as DataRoam Pass. 

  • You can activate International Roaming anytime and anywhere (local and oversea) via Easy Menu, just dial *100#, select Intl Roaming, select any Country, select again Intl Roaming and then select ON. 

    Alternatively you can give us a call. 

    Tip:- If your line is a supplementary or share line, please get your account owner to call in for activation. 

  • If you need assistance while abroad, dial *123# from your mobile phone and our Customer Care agent will call you back at no costs.

  • You can check roaming rates easy here.

    Alternatively you may use Maxis app, under your selected line, click on Roaming Rates in Service Details section.

    If you do not have internet access, you may also check roaming rates for calls, SMS and data by dialing *100# select Intl Roaming, select any Country > Other/More Services > Check Rates.

  • Please watch this video to understand the roaming charges in your bill sections

  • You can be a smart traveler and manage your roaming usages by doing the following:-

    1. Choose the best data roaming pass available on Maxis website, Maxis app or Maxis Care.
    2. If there is no data roaming pass available for your destination country and data is on pay-per-use, most advisable choice is to SWITCH OFF Data Roaming on your phone settings and use other alternative means.
    3. Do not make unimportant outgoing call.
    4. Do not send unimportant outgoing SMS*.
    5. Do not answer unimportant incoming call (answering calls while roaming is chargeable based on incoming call rates).
    6. Unsubscribe voicemail at Maxis Care. Voicemail will trigger incoming call charges.** Beware that your previous messages will be gone after your un-subscription and will not be there is you switch again subsequently.

    *Receiving SMS while roaming is FOC.

    **Customer being charged for voicemail while roaming because the call is deemed answered, it is a technical limitation and challenge faced by operator globally. We are still actively seeking for solution.

  • Use our Roam 120 service to enjoy better savings whenever you call home from overseas.

    To use, dial *120*<country code><area code/mobile prefix><phone number># to call.

  • Charging block for call to Malaysia from abroad is 60 seconds.

  • With 5G roaming you will enjoy increased internet speeds on your data roaming pass when you roam on our 5G preferred partner. You will need a 5G phone to experience 5G.

  • All our DataRoam passes support 5G roaming when you roam on 5G roaming partners' networks with no additional cost and activation.

    Just ensure your phone is attached to our 5G roaming partner’s network as indicated in our SMS which you’ll receive upon arrival at your destination country.

  • 5G roaming is available for Maxis (Consumer and Business) subscribers in the following countries; and more countries will be added soon.

    • Belgium (Orange)
    • Brunei (DST Communications)
    • China (China Mobile)
    • Estonia (Elisa)
    • Finland (Elisa)
    • France (Orange)
    • Greece (Vodafone)
    • Hong Kong (HK CSL)
    • Indonesia (Telkomsel)
    • Kuwait (Zain)
    • Latvia (LMT)
    • Luxembourg (Orange)
    • New Zealand (Vodafone)
    • Oman (Omantel)
    • Philippines (GlobeTel)
    • Poland (Orange)
    • Portugal (NOS)
    • Qatar (Vodafone)
    • Romania (Orange)
    • Singapore (Singtel)
    • Slovakia (Orange)
    • Slovenia (Telemach)
    • South Africa (MTN)
    • South Korea (SK Telecom)
    • Spain (Orange)
    • Switzerland (Salt)
    • Taiwan (Taiwan Mobile)
    • Thailand (AIS)
    • United Kingdom (Vodafone)
  • Android phone users can roam on 5G with Maxis on our roaming partners’ network. If you are an iPhone user, you will be able to roam on 5G with your iPhone with Maxis after we have enabled 5G in Malaysia.

  • If you have enabled VoLTE on your phone and currently using it in Malaysia, you will enjoy VoLTE seamlessly when you roam in Korea with SK Telecom or AIS in Thailand.

    If you have yet to enable VoLTE, you just need to enable it on your mobile phone at Setting > Mobile Network > Mobile Data > Enable VoLTE.

    *Steps to enable VoLTE may differ subject to mobile device models.

  • There is no additional charge for VoLTE calls. Your call will be based standard roaming call rate; For rates, click here.

  • VoLTE call is done thru your phone’s dialer, no application and data required to support your call. You just need to ensure you have activated roaming, enabled VoLTE on your phone and roam on the specified operator

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The FAQ’s are meant for clarification purposes only. The FAQ’s may be modified from time to time. Please refer Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions of the products and/or services for more information.

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