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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Roaming

  • The DataRoam Pass is a roaming Internet pass for Internet browsing whilst travelling abroad. It is a daily pass at RM38/day (Selected Country). The pass is available for both Mobile Internet & Wireless Broadband.

  • You can automatically enjoy the data pass upon data usage at RM38 on our preferred operator. Be sure to roam on our preferred operator to enjoy this feature. Alternatively, you may subscribe to the pass via:

    Maxis app, go to More > Roaming Rates; or 

    Easy Menu, dial *100# > 'International Roaming' > 'Country' and select 'Buy 1d Data Pass. 

  • We will inform you via SMS when your pass has been successfully activated, for both manual and auto subscriptions. Alternatively, you can check via check status through *100#.

  • The pass offers Mobile Internet Browsing when a subscriber is travelling abroad. The pass enables Mobile Internet browsing till midnite of visiting countries capital city time each day. Just like domestic passes, Fair Usage Policy 'FUP' applies during roaming i.e. Upon exhaustion of the respective pass fair usage quota, you will experience a reduced internet speed.

  • DataRoam is available in over 100 countries and you may find out here.

  • If you are traveling, you will receive a Welcome SMS from Maxis upon your arrival or when you switch ON your Maxis Mobile. It is stated in the SMS whether DataRoam pass or pay per use is available in that country.

    You may also find out here.

  • The DataRoam Pass is RM38 per day (Selected Country). The pass is valid till midnight of the visiting country capital city time. E.g. if you are in Australia, the pass expires at 12 midnight Canberra time.

  • Yes. You can still continue to browse at a reduced speed without further charges after you have reached the fair usage quota until the expiry of the pass.

  • Yes. You can restore your Internet usage speed by buying a new DataRoam Pass @ RM38/day. To subscribe dial *100# > International Roaming > Country > Buy 1d Data Pass.

  • If you have exhausted your fair usage quota and still continue browsing, your internet browsing speed will be reduced till the pass expiry but these usages will NOT incur extra charges.

  • There is no limit to the number of passes you can buy in a day; the pass(s) are stack-able, i.e. you can buy as many even before the fair usage quota expires. However, please note that the pass is only valid for one day and expires at midnight of the visiting local country capital city.

  • Quota expiry SMS notification will be sent to you once your quota expires and usage will be throttled at reduced speed; along with this, Maxis will also send a SMS notification upon pass expiry (at 11:59pm time of capital city).

    Alternatively, you can check both the pass validity & usage in Maxis app, or via Easy Menu by dialing *100# > International Roaming > Check Status.

  • All DataRoam passes including the Add-Ons & Top Up are country specific E.g. Singapore passes cannot be used in Thailand or other countries.

    If you are traveling to multiple countries a day, you will need to activate DataRoam Pass for each country and browse on the respective preferred operators.

  • No, these passes are exclusive for roaming only.

  • For multi-SIM users, quota sharing of roaming data pass is now available for primary and secondary SIMs.

  • You will be charged pay-per-use at RM38/MB.

  • We will send you notifications when your data roaming pay-per-use charges exceed certain thresholds; you can also personalize your threshold alert. This is a complimentary service.

    The threshold options available are:

    1. RM200, RM300, RM500
    2. RM300, RM500, RM800 (default)
    3. RM500, RM800, RM1000
    4. RM800, RM1300, RM2000

    To choose your threshold setting, call our Customer Service at *123# (for Free of Charge) if you need assistance.

    The alert will be sent once your data roaming pay-per-use charges exceeds your selected thresholds within each Bill Cycle.

    For Tablet Users:
    If you use a tablet with data plan, you can also receive the threshold alert on your CBR (Can Be Reached) mobile number.

    To receive this alert via the CBR mobile number, simply register it by calling our Customer Service at *123#.

    We will not be able to send you threshold notifications if you do not provide a current CBR mobile number, and you might be exposed to the risk of bill shock.

    The default monthly alerts for tablet users are at RM300, RM500, and RM800 based on your Bill Cycle.

  • DataRoam Add-On allows you to top up the data quota while you roam.

  • You can continue surf at a reduced speed or you can buy another DataRoam Add-On to enjoy high-speed data.

  • You can subscribe the DataRoam Add-On from MyMaxis App.

  • The DataRoam Add-On can only be purchased if you have bought a DataRoam Pass of the day. It offers to postpaid only.

  • Yes. You can purchase multiple DataRoam Add-On passes after DataRoam Pass activated. However, please note that the pass is only valid for one day and expires at midnight of the visiting local country's capital city.

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