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Alert: Beware of

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Frequently Asked Questions

Maxis Postpaid Share 39

  • Maxis Postpaid Share is a plan for supplementary line (a.k.a share line). Share line can draw data from your principal line’s DataPool for customers who reside in Selected Regions*. You can sign up for Maxis Postpaid Share and place the SIM card into your secondary device or tablet.

    Each Maxis Postpaid Share also comes with unlimited calls and SMS. Hence, you can give the SIM card to your family members.

    For each Maxis Postpaid Share 39, an additional 30GB (4G/5G) will go into your DataPool.

    *Selected Regions: East Malaysia, Kelantan

  • Your Maxis Postpaid Share lines will follow your Principal plan’s DataPool; If your Principal line is on our new Maxis Postpaid Plan (69, 79, 99, 109, 139 or 199), then your Maxis Postpaid Share lines will be able to enjoy 5G usage and share the principal DataPool.

    If you’re on our existing Maxis Postpaid Plan (68, 98, 128, 158 or 188), then your Maxis Postpaid Share will not be able to enjoy 5G.

    Should you wish to enjoy 5G internet, please upgrade your plan at our website:  
    [] or check the Maxis App.

  • Unfortunately, these plans are only for customers who resides in East Malaysia and Kelantan. If you’re interested in signing up for our latest 5G plans, please find out more on our website:

  • To enjoy the regional plans, you must reside and utilize your mobile plan features in those regions.

    Please refer to our Terms and Condition for more: (;

  • A registration deposit of RM150 for Maxis Postpaid Share is applicable to non-Malaysians. There is no registration fee or advance payment for Malaysians.

  • Yes, you may change your rate plan within the shareable Principal plans so long your line is not bound by any contract and still within the limit of the number of share line allowed by the rate plan.

  • Please note the maximum limit of share lines when choosing a Maxis Postpaid Principal plan. If you have reached the maximum number of share lines, please upgrade or sign up for a new principal line on Maxis Postpaid to have more share lines.

    However, you can choose to change your rate plan to our Maxis Family Plan which have up to 8 mobile lines with unlimited data and Maxis Fibre with Home device bundled into the Plan. For more details, please visit:
    Or you can find our friendly staffs at:

  • Yes, you are allowed to change your rate plan of your existing supplementary line to Maxis Postpaid Share 39/48 if you are on an eligible Maxis Postpaid Plan.

  • The 5G access pass will be automatically deactivated when you upgrade to any of the new Maxis Postpaid plans.

  • Your existing MISM service will not be able to be carried over to the new Maxis Postpaid plans. However, we have the new Maxis Connect Plans for Watch and Tablets. Contact us for more info.

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