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Alert: Beware of

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Frequently Asked Questions

Maxis App for Business

  • Maxis app is the all-in-one app for Maxis Postpaid individual and Maxis Business users. You can view your data usage, purchase Internet and Roaming passes, and enjoy great rewards and offers. Download the app on Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • All Maxis Business users and Maxis Postpaid individual customers can use Maxis app, this includes:

    • Employees who are using Maxis Business mobile lines provided by their company. 
    • Personal and Business Individuals (bill is paid by yourself)

    If you are a Personal or Business Individual customer using Maxis Postpaid, Maxis Home Fibre, or Maxis Home 4G WiFi, please refer to Maxis App FAQs for more information.

    If you are the PIC who is managing Maxis Business accounts, then Maxis Business Hub is for you.

  • Maxis app for Business lets you:

    • View account information
    • View data usage
    • Purchase internet passes (paid by yourself)
    • Discover and enjoy exclusive rewards and offers
    • Discover Maxis’ partner offers
  • Tap on “Business”. Enter your company-provided mobile number and the 6-digit TAC code sent to your number by SMS. There is no need to sign up.

  • Tap on “Personal”. You need to sign up for a Maxis ID first if you haven’t already done so. Then, log in using the email address or mobile number you used to sign up for your Maxis ID, followed by your password or 6-digit TAC code sent by SMS.

    Please refer to Maxis App FAQs for more information.

  • Maxis app is for users of Maxis Business lines to self-manage their mobile line.To manage Maxis Business accounts, please use Maxis Business Hub.

  • There are no data charges for usage within the app when in Malaysia. However, the location map feature in Maxis Deals, and re-direction to other websites or apps from the Maxis app will incur standard data charges.

    Usage of the app when roaming will incur roaming data charges.

    You will be charged if you make purchases for Internet pass or Roaming pass.

    Purchases made on Maxis app are not charged to your company and will not appear in your company’s Maxis Business bill statement.

  • Kindly contact us by:

  • You can make payment by credit/debit card, or online banking via Maxis Pay. 

    Upon successful payment, you will receive a payment notification from Maxis Pay (

  • First, kindly ensure you have a working internet connection. If your mobile line is barred or suspended, you will not be able to complete payment using your mobile internet.

    If your payment is not successful, please try another method of payment (different card/bank).  

  • No, if you have confirmed a purchase on the app the money is not refundable.  

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