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Frequently Asked Questions

Normal Device Contract

  • Generally, the following are the charges applicable for Normal Device Contract,

    1. Device Price from as low as RM1 (this price is lower than recommended retail price) and
    2. Device Advance Payment (if applicable).
    3. For foreigner, other than device price and device advance payment, refundable deposit of up to RM500 may be applicable.
  • A foreigner working in Malaysia who meets our credit policy and owns a valid passport may apply. Refundable deposit for device may be applicable depending on your customer status with Maxis. Terms and conditions for promotions may vary. Applications will be subject to review and approval.

  • You may get a phone on Normal Device Contract at Maxis Store nationwide and Maxis Online Store.


    1. Go to the phone section of,
    2. Select your preferred phone model to find out the various package under different program and
    3. Select where to buy & choose your preferred location/ channel.
  • We are collecting Device Advance Payment as a token of your commitment. You have the option to settle it by credit card via Easy Payment Plan if the amount is more than RM1000. The amount will be refunded to you in via bill over 12 or 24 months depending on your contract duration.

  • Depending on your contract duration, the Device Advance payment collected will be refunded to you over 12 or 24 months and it will be reflected in your bill.

  • This may be due to status of your account not meeting the refund criteria at the point of bill run. Please give us a call if this happen and we will investigate for you.

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