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The Top Reasons Why Your Home WiFi Coverage is Poor and How to Fix It

How to Fix Poor WiFi Coverage

Are you tired of being hit with the buffering wheel of doom while watching your favorite show on Netflix? Are you sick of losing connection during important video calls with coworkers or friends? If you're nodding your head right now, then you, my friend, have a case of poor home WiFi coverage. But don't worry, we've got you covered!

Causes of Poor WiFi Coverage at Home

Location of Router

How to Fix Poor WiFi Coverage

First things first, let's talk about what could be causing your WiFi woes. It could be as simple as the location of your router. Is it hidden in a cabinet or tucked away in a corner? If so, it's time to bring it out into the open. Your router needs to be in a central location in your home, ideally away from thick walls, furniture, and other objects that could obstruct the signal.

Number of Devices on Network

Another issue could be the number of devices on your network. When too many devices are connected at once, it can slow down your WiFi speed and cause congestion. So, if your entire family is trying to stream their favorite shows at the same time, it could be time to set up some ground rules or consider upgrading your internet plan.

Interference from Other Electronic Devices

How to Fix Poor WiFi Coverage

Interference from other electronic devices can also be a culprit. Microwaves, cordless phones, and other wireless devices can all cause interference, so it's important to keep them away from your router.

What Happens When WiFi Signal is Poor

How to Fix Poor WiFi Coverage

So, what happens when there's poor WiFi coverage? You might experience slow speeds, dropped connections, or the absence of internet signals at dead spots. This can affect everything from your entertainment to your work, and no one wants to deal with that kind of stress.

How to Fix Bad Home WiFi Coverage

How to Fix Poor WiFi Coverage

But fear not, because Max WiFi by Maxperts is here to save the day (and your WiFi). When you get Max WiFi by Maxperts as an add-on, your home will have a wider WiFi coverage. How does it work? Firstly, the Maxperts will analyse your house layout to determine where is the best spot to place the router and any possible WiFi dead zones. Next, the Maxperts will determine how many mesh WiFi is needed for your home to ensure every room has strong WiFi signal. All mesh WiFi installed by Maxperts are EasyMesh WiFi 6.

What is EasyMesh WiFi-6

How to Fix Poor WiFi Coverage

So, what exactly is EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6? It's a WiFi device that uses advanced mesh technology to extend your WiFi coverage, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout your entire home. This means you'll be able to connect all your wireless devices to the extended network, without any drop in speed or performance.

EasyMesh WiFi-6 VS Traditional Range Extender

But how is EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 different from a traditional range extender? Well, traditional range extenders are designed to expand the reach of your wireless network, but they can often reduce speed and impact performance. EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6, on the other hand, transmits its signal at full power, resulting in better and more reliable WiFi coverage for all your devices, even when used simultaneously.

One of the key benefits of EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 is seamless handover, which means there's no disruption in your internet connection as you move around your home. The device also automatically connects your devices to the node with the strongest WiFi signal, ensuring you always have an optimum connection.

EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 is different from traditional mesh in that it's a global mesh standard that is strictly controlled and governed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. For customers, this means that the EasyMesh certified mesh units are easy to install and use, self-adapting, and support multi-vendor interoperability. Both the router and mesh from Maxis are Wi-Fi EasyMesh R2 certified, so you can be sure you're getting the best of the best.

How to Fix Poor WiFi Coverage

The best part? All you need to do is sign up for Maxis Home Fibre and choose the Max WiFi by Maxperts as an add-on. Maxis Home Fibre offers a range of plans (from as low as RM89/mth) to suit your needs, so you can choose the one that's right for you. Besides wider WiFi coverage, you will also enjoy tech support for all your devices from troubleshooting to setting up a new device. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes once you have the service up and running.

So, there you have it, folks. Poor home WiFi coverage doesn't have to be a headache. With a few simple tweaks and the help of Max WiFi by Maxperts, you can enjoy optimal WiFi coverage at home easily. Say goodbye to buffering, and hello to uninterrupted streaming, gaming, and browsing.