Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

SMS Scam Purporting to be from Maxis
What is Scam

What is a Scam?

A criminal activity for making money or getting an advantage, especially one that involves tricking people into handing over their personal information.

What is Fraud

What is a Fraud?

Online frauds are schemes that use the internet or the digital world to deceive individuals and organizations with the goal of obtaining money, assets, or sensitive information. This can include identity theft, phishing scams, fake websites and more.

Who do Scammers typically attack?


Tricksters pretending to be someone else to steal your personal information, like passwords or credit card numbers.

Lottery Scams

Fake messages saying you've won a prize, but you have to pay to get it.

Financial Scams

Deceptive practices to steal your money or personal information, like fake investments or identity theft.

Online Shopping Scams 

Scams where you pay for something online, but you either get nothing or something different from what was advertised.

Money Laundering

Moving illegally obtained money between accounts to hide where it came from.

Fake websites, URLs, ads and invoices

Websites, URLs and invoices that are created by scammers solely for the purpose of tircking their victims in order to steal their identity or their money.

Identity Theft (Deep Fake)

The fraudulent act of stealing someone else's personal information, typically for financial gain.

Interconnected bypass (Wangiri) Fraud

A type of fraud where international calls are routed through unauthorized connections to avoid paying the full cost.

SIM Swapping & Pumping

Swapping: Convincing a mobile carrier to switch a victim's phone number to a SIM card allowing them to receive victim's calls and messages.

Pumping: Large volumes of SMS messages are sent to a phone to generate revenue for the sender through premium SMS services.

Ransomware & Hacking

A type of malware that cybercriminals use to infect computers, devices and networks, and restrict access until a sum of money is paid.


Automated phone calls that are often associated with scams and unwanted solicitations.

Prepare, Protect, Prevail: Overcoming Unforeseen Circumstances

These are the latest online and phone scams happening in Malaysia.

Protect Yourself Online

Scams may be more frequent and common nowadays, but there are several rules we can follow to avoid them.

What to do if you are a victim?

If you believe you are a victim, stay calm. Here are a few steps you can take to regain control of the situation.

Step 1

Verify the caller's identity and organisation

Individuals may sometimes contact you pretending to be from a specific organisation when they are clearly not.

Verify with the organisation's official channel such as their website and customer care line.

Step 2

Know the safety toolkits to keep you safe online

Knowing about the online safety features available will always provide you a safer and generally better experience browsing the net. Together, we can educate the nation to be smarter consumers who are always a step ahead.

Step 3

If you need more help, visit active reporting channels

If you find yourself trapped in a scam or has become a victim of fraud, keep calm. We have included the active reporting channels for you to refer to in these times of need.

Your Online Safety Toolkit

Who should you contact if you encounter scams or fraudulent activities?

National Scams Response Centre (NSRC) specializes in tackling online financial scams, including:

  • Unauthorized bank transfers
  • Deceptive money transfers

Scam methods range from phishing to telecommunication fraud involving fake prizes, kidnapping claims, or impersonation. Victims should contact their bank's hotline or NSRC at 997 for support.

Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) app acts as a critical tool for enhancing the safety of online transactions by offering a verification mechanism against potential financial scams. It empowers users to make informed decisions before proceeding with payments to third parties, thereby contributing to a safer online commercial environment.

National Scam Response Center @2x

National Scam Response Centre: Your Go-To Call for Online Scam Help

Facing an online scam? NSRC provides swift assistance, expert guidance, and prevention tips. Get support, report scams, and stay protected.

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission @2x

Stay Safe with Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission: Spotting Scams Made Easy

MCMC ensures your safety by providing education on scam awareness. MCMC empowers you to stay vigilant online--from identifying lurking scammers, to recognizing signs of scams.

Bank Negara Malaysia @2x

Protect Your Finances: Bank Negara Malaysia's Fraud Alert Service

Keep your finances secure with BNM’s Fraud Alert Service. Stay informed and empowered to protect yourself against scams and fraudulent activities.

e-LATiH Cyber Security Course @2x

e-LATIH Cyber Security Course: Shield Yourself from Web Hackers!

Join e-LATiH focused course to learn crucial defense strategies against online threats. Enroll in e-LATiH today for a safer digital experience.

Are you a victim of online scams?

Have you been a victim of scams or you suspect your loved ones are involved in active scams?