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Browsing Maxis Safely

Here’s how to recognise fake websites and make sure you’re browsing or sending information on the genuine Maxis website.

What is phishing?
  • A phishing scam usually begins with an email, SMS or instant message that looks like it’s from a genuine business, such as Maxis or a local bank.
  • The message might use alarming news – falsely claiming you are late on bill payment, for example – to prompt you to respond quickly. 
  • This message will usually include a link that directs you to a fake website if you click on it. 
  • The fake website will have a similar name and appearance to an official website. Scammers use it to trick you into revealing sensitive information or lead you to download ransomware, malware.
How to spot a fake website?
  • Check the URL 
  • There should be a padlock symbol on the address bar. 
  • The URL should start with “”https://“”. Look at the content Watch out for forms asking for personal details that no credible business or organisation would ask you to reveal, such as your credit card PIN number.”

IMPORTANT: Never reply to phishing emails or submit your personal details into forms on fake websites. It can lead to your identity being ‘stolen’ – which might lead to money being taken from your bank accounts.

Protect Yourself Online

Scams may be more frequent and common nowadays, but there are several rules we can follow to avoid them.

Common & New Scams

These are the latest online and phone scams happening in Malaysia.