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 Data Usages

Can I use data for Maxis TV pass for other usages? For example, I have purchased Viu's 30-day pass with 10GB data. Can I use the 10GB data for other usages besides Viu?

The data given is meant for the specific Service Provider's streaming usage only. 

What will happen when my Maxis TV data quota has been completely utilized?

Upon full utilization of the data quota, all subsequent streaming usage will be drawn from your existing mobile internet plan.

Can I purchase another One Time Pass if my Maxis TV data quota has depleted? For example, I have fully utilized my 30-day 10GB data for Viu, can i purchase another 1-day or 7-day pass for Viu?

For the remaining period of your access, you may enjoy video streaming with the data from your existing mobile internet pass.

You may purchase a new one-time pass only upon expiry of the 30-day Viu pass. 

I have an existing  7-day pass comes with 5GB data. How can I utilise the 5GB data?

All streaming and browsing activities on respective Service Providerwill be consumed from the allocated data (5GB).


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