Who Can Enjoy VoLTE

Who is eligible to use VoLTE on Maxis?

VoLTE is available for Hotlink Postpaid and Maxis Postpaid customers on Consumer plans who are using VoLTE enabled phone & operating system.

Maxis Postpaid customers with Share N Surf a.k.a MISM (MultiSIM One Number), Maxis Business customers who are on Maxis Business Postpaid and other Business rate plans, and Hotlink prepaid customers will be enabled in later phases.

Do I need to subscribe for a new service or change my rate plan?

It is an enhancement to the voice service which you are enjoying. You do not need to subscribe for a new service change rate plan.

Do I need to change my SIM Card to be on VoLTE?

You don’t have to change your SIM card to be on VoLTE.

I am using Maxis supported VoLTE device and I’m subscribing to an eligible Maxis plan, why am I unable to use VoLTE right now?

We are enabling VoLTE service to our postpaid consumer customers in batches and it is expected to complete by 3 November 2020. All eligible customers will be able to use VoLTE from 4 November 2020. Please ensure you upgrade to the latest device firmware to use VoLTE.

Am I going to be charged extra for VoLTE calls?

It is an enhancement to the voice service which you are enjoying, there is no additional charge for VoLTE.

Can I get VoLTE when I’m roaming or if I am making an International Direct-Dial call?

Currently, VoLTE is not available when you are roaming overseas and International Direct Dial (IDD) calls.


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