Improve My WiFi Performance


How can I improve my WiFi Performance?

Here some tips for better WiFi performance,

  1. Use the latest wireless technology, Wi-Fi standards of 802.11ac or later, for all your computers, wireless cards/adaptors and wireless router equipment. Do ensure operating systems for your computer or laptop and Internet browsers are up to date.
  2. Reboot your devices regularly as it may automatically perform software updates from time to time to ensure better connectivity.
  3. Switch between two WiFi signals with a Dual-band router, to ease channel traffic as too many devices connecting to a single band often leads to congestion. This occurs most often during the peak surfing period from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
  4. Be sure your modem, router and WiFi Mesh is in an open area, high above the ground. These are a few factors that can cause interference to your WiFi signal:- 
    • Walls – especially thick ones made of concrete or brick.
    • Large or dense objects – avoid items containing metals.
    • Reflective or shiny surfaces – the signal can bounce off windows and mirrors. 
    • Electrical / electronic equipment – particularly cordless phones, baby monitors and other devices that may work using radio waves. Watch this video for more tips.
  5. For bigger home, use WiFi Mesh to extend the WiFi coverage across larger spaces and even when concrete walls stand in the way.
  6. Too many bandwidth intensive applications simultaneously, i.e. video streaming and gaming on multiple devices can slow your network. For the best performance, connect via LAN (at least Cat5e or higher) directly to your router.


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