Maxis Zerolution Criteria

Can my share line on Maxis Postpaid Share 48 enroll for Zerolution? 

Effective 13 June 2019, Zerolution is also offered to your family lines. Other rate plans with Zerolution are Maxis Postpaid plan 98, 128, 158, 188 and Maxis Unlimited Postpaid plans 98, 128, 158 and 188. 

*Only one device contract is allowed for principal line on Maxis Postpaid 98 and Maxis Unlimited Postpaid 98. Maxis Postpaid 98 which is within contract can upgrade to higher rate plan in order to enroll its share line on Zerolution.

How would I know if I am eligible for Maxis Zerolution?

Please visit your nearest Maxis store to check your eligibility.


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