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for only RM199 now

Just sign up for a MaxisONE Plan 68 with a new Share Line. 
Exclusively for East Malaysia users.

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It all starts with a MaxisONE Plan. From then on, you can add Share Lines, enjoy zero
upfront fees for smartphones and unlimited roaming for your family.

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Up to 60GB & unlimited calls
Lots of data for you and for sharing.

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Add your family members to MaxisONE Share plan at RM48/mth - 10GB & unlimited calls + FREE family roaming.

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MaxisONE Plan 68



Exclusive for Sabah & Sarawak

Unlimited calls & SMS 

Add 1 Share Line
(RM48/mth each)
Enjoy more benefits

Samsung Galaxy A20

(RRP: RM699)
 New MaxisONE Share 48
on a 12-month contract

MaxisONE Plan 98


Enjoy more benefits
MaxisONE Plan 128



Unlimited calls & SMS

Add up to 2 Share Lines
(RM48/mth each)

Enjoy more benefits
MaxisONE Plan 158



Unlimited calls & SMS

Add up to 3 Share Lines
(RM48/mth each)

Enjoy more benefits
MaxisONE Plan 188



Unlimited calls & SMS

Add up to 4 Share Lines
(RM48/mth each)

Enjoy more benefits


Sharing data with your loved
ones is better with MaxisONE Share

Additional 5GB for your DataPool, 
and another 5GB for your Share Lines
4G weekend data.

Plus, unlimited calls and SMS for
only RM48/mth.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is MaxisONE Plan 68 (Sabah/Sarawak)? And how do I sign up for MaxisONE Plan 68 (Sabah/Sarawak)?

This is a RM68 Plan with 15GB All Day data monthly for usage anytime and anywhere. This plan is exclusively for residents of Sabah & Sarawak, including Labuan. All you need is a billing address in Sabah, Sarawak or Labuan and you’re good to go.

I am currently on MaxisONE Plan 98, can I enjoy 30GB all day data? How can I get it?

Yes, you may add RM10 monthly to merge the 20GB weekday data and 10GB 4G weekend data into 30GB all day data.

Just call us to change rate plan to MaxisONE Plan 108.  

If I am on MaxisONE Plan 108 with a device contract, is it possible for me to subsequently downgrade to MaxisONE Plan 98?
Yes, you may downgrade, however you will incur the early termination charge as per your signed device contract which is calculated based on Penalty Amount = [(Recommended Retail Price (RRP) – Upfront Cost) x (Remaining month(s) ÷ 24 months)] + RM 100

If I subscribed to MaxisONE plan in the middle of my bill cycle, will my monthly commitment fee, allocated minutes, SMS & data be pro-rated?
The monthly commitment fee for your line(s) will be pro-rated in the first statement. However, the Talk, Text and Mobile Internet will still remain as Unlimited (not pro-rated). From the second month onwards, you will be charged the full commitment fee.

Click here to read full terms and conditions.