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About Maxis Roaming Passes

What are the available roaming passes?

There are 5 roaming passes:

  1. 1 day Unlimited Data pass at RM29
  2. 1 day Unlimited Calls and SMS pass at RM15
  3. DataRoam Pass at RM38/ day
  4. 7 days ASEAN Plus Unlimited Data pass at RM49
  5. 30 days World Unlimited Data pass at RM99

Which are the rate plans that are eligible for Maxis Roaming passes?

Maxis Roaming passes are available for you if you are on Maxis Postpaid, Maxis Unlimited Postpaid and Fibre, Maxis Postpaid Share and Maxis Tablet plans.

Where can I use the Maxis Roaming passes?

Here is the summary of where you can use each of the passes:


1 Day Unlimited Data

Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore,Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam.




The 1 day Unlimited Data & 1 Day Unlimited Calls and SMS passes are country specific. For example, Singapore passes cannot be used in Thailand or other eligible countries.

1 Day Unlimited Calls & SMS
7 Days ASEAN Plus Unlimited Data
DataRoam Pass

In more than 100 countries.

Refer to https://www.maxis.com.my/lifestyle/roaming-idd/international-roaming/ to check if the country you are travelling to is eligible.

Alternatively, you may refer to Maxis app prior to departure.

30 Days World Unlimited Data

How do I subscribe to any one of the roaming passes?

You may subscribe to any one of the roaming passes on Maxis app or dial *100#

To ensure you enjoy the best value, the daily roaming passes below will be activated for you when usage is detected.

  1. 1 day Unlimited Data pass at RM29
  2. 1 day Unlimited Calls and SMS pass at RM15
  3. DataRoam Pass at RM38/ day

Will I be informed once I have subscribed to any of the Roaming passes?

Yes, you will receive an SMS when your pass has been successfully activated. Alternatively, you can check via Maxis app or Easy Menu by dialing *100#.

What is the Fair Usage Policy for the passes and how does it work?

We offer unlimited internet with Fair Usage Policy (FUP). Upon reaching the FUP limit, you will be informed and will be surfing on a reduced speed.

The fair usage is 2GB of high speed data daily and unlimited quota at a reduced speed of 1Mbps which allows fairly good user experience for standard definition streaming.

Will there be any additional charges if I have reached the Fair Usage Policy of daily quota?

There are no additional charges. Once you have reached the Fair Usage Policy limit, you will be surfing on a reduced speed.

Where can I get more information on the Service Specific Terms & Conditions (SSTC)?

For more information on the SSTC, go to https://www.maxis.com.my/maxisroamingsstc


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