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Setting Up Mesh WiFi


How should I set up the mesh WiFi?

To set up your AirTies mesh WiFi network, download AirTies WiFi app from the Google Play or Apple App Store and follow the steps on the app. 

For details, refer to the installation guide, download here.


If I use other routers which are not provided by the Telco, will the mesh WiFi work? 

Yes, it is compatible with all types of router. 


Where should I place my mesh WiFi device(s)?

Always keep the mesh WiFi in open area and above the ground away from any obstacles (thick walls, metal appliances or other large electronics) to ensure WiFi signal is optimum.


Can I use a LAN network cable to connect the mesh WiFi to a Gigabit network port on a PC?

Yes, but only LAN network cable CAT5E and higher rated to achieve the maximum performance. It is advisable to use the cable supplied in the box.


Can I use the Ethernet port and Wi-Fi connections at the same time?

Yes, you can connect to both network connections simultaneously for your client devices.


Do I need to switch off the Wi-Fi in my own router?

It is not necessary to switch off the Wi-Fi in your router. But it’s recommended you do a ‘Forget This Network’ on your client devices (such as phones, laptops etc.) so that your devices will not keep connecting to the Wi-Fi from your router


What are the key features available on the AirTies WiFi App?

View your WiFi network and its health status on a simplified map with the devices connected to it;
The AirTies WiFi app allows you to easily setup and manage your AirTies Mesh units. Its key features include:

  •  View your WiFi network and its health status on a simplified map with the devices connected to it. 
  •  Track your child’s online usage by easily limiting internet usage with the Parental Control feature.
  •  Set up guest network access without having to share any personal security settings, and many more.


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