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Maxis Fibre x The Makeover Guys (TMOG)

What is this promotion about?

Maxis is having an exclusive partnership with The MakeOver Guys (TMOG) whereby all TMOG customers who sign up via TMOG will be eligible to have free 6 months Maxis Fibre subscription.

I am a TMOG customer and also an existing Fibre Home customer. How can I enjoy this 6 months free Fibre Home subscription too?

This free 6 months Fibre Home subscriptions are only applicable for new sign-ups from 1st June 2020 to 31st May 2021.

I am a TMOG customer previously, whereby I’ve engaged them to do renovation months back. I would like to sign-up for this promotion. Am I eligible?

Yes, as long as you are a TMOG customer and would like to sign up for a new Maxis Fibre subscription, you will be entitled for this promotion.

I am a TMOG customer but would like to sign up for this promotion at another house of mine (not renovated by TMOG). Is this possible?

No, this is not possible. The Maxis Fibre subscription must be installed at the home that is renovated by TMOG.

When will I get this free 6 months Fibre subscription?

The free 6 months Fibre subscription will be given at the start of the contract, between month 1st to 6th.

I am a frequent TMOG customer and have a few houses that all are renovated by TMOG. Can I sign up for the promotion for all those houses?

Yes, you may sign up for Maxis Fibre service for each of those house that are renovated by TMOG and all of them will be entitled for the promotion, so as long as it is renovated by TMOG.


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