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Apple TV 4K on Zerolution

What is this offer about?  

This offer allows eligible MaxisONE Home Fibre subscriber to own an Apple TV 4K via installment.


Where do I purchase the Apple TV 4K with Zerolution plan?  

Apple TV 4K on Zerolution is available at selected Maxis Centres; you may also call in for purchase and it will be delivered to your home fibre address.


If I haven’t subscribed to Maxis Home Fibre, would I be able to purchase Apple TV 4K on Zerolution?  

This offer is only open to Maxis Home Fibre subscriber with home fibre installed. If you are not yet a Maxis Home Fibre subscriber, please subscribe and wait till its successful installation for your purchase.


Can I sign up for more the one (1) Apple TV 4K with Zerolution promo?  

No. Only one (1) Apple TV on Zerolution per subscription of MaxisONE Home Fiber service.


Will I be contracted if I sign up with an Apple TV 4K on Zerolution?  

Yes, you will be contracted for 24 months.


Can I sign up Apple TV 4K with Zerolution if I have a pair of Mesh on Zerolution contract?

Yes, you are able to be contracted on Zerolution for both Mesh WiFi and Apple TV 4K at the same time, as long as you meet device contract’s eligibilities.


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