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Our updated GTC, effective from 20 December 2020, Refer


Usage of Maxis VoLTE

How do I know if I’m using VoLTE?

For iPhone user, when you are making/receiving phone calls, the icon on the top left of the phone will remain as 4G. Android phone users will see an VoLTE icon.

I realise that sometimes when I make VoLTE calls, the network indicator on my smartphone is on 3G instead of 4G/VoLTE?

If the indicator is showing 3G, means you are not on a VoLTE call.

Does VoLTE work for both caller and recipient if only one has VoLTE?

If your phone is Maxis VoLTE supported, you will be able to enjoy VoLTE calls when you are in 4G coverage regardless your caller or recipient is on VoLTE or not.


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