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Preventing Hoax and Spam

How do I prevent myself from receiving spam or hoax messages?

Don't reply or call the number in the message. You may be charged at premium rates.

What can I do to avoid receiving spam message?

It is not 100% possible, but to avoid being targeted of a spam message, be cautious about revealing your mobile phone number to other organization, whether online or in person at restaurants, shops or while participating in surveys or filling up questionnaires.

When you are filing registration forms, ensure you read the terms and conditions carefully before revealing your mobile phone number. Most reputable companies and services will officially ask for your permission to reveal contact details to other third party for marketing purposes.

We recommend that you choose the option to keep your mobile phone number private.

What Maxis is doing to stop this spam message?

We are doing the best we can to stop spam messages. If the number belongs to Maxis/Hotlink, we have anti spam measures to monitor and block spam messages. If you have received any that you suspect to be spam, do let us know. Send us the number you received it from, the content of the message and date and time received.


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