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About Maxis Postpaid 18 Watch

What is Maxis Postpaid 18 Watch?

Maxis Postpaid 18 Watch is a supplementary plan which enables cellular connectivity for your Apple Watch GPS+Cellular and Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE. It allows you to share your mobile number, call, SMS and data from your mobile line with your Smart Watch even when your phone is not nearby or powered on.

Will I be contracted with Maxis Postpaid 18 Watch?

No. There is no contract if you just sign up with Maxis Postpaid 18 Watch. You will be contracted if you purchase Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE with Zerolution on Maxis Postpaid 18 Watch.

Will Maxis Postpaid 18 Watch service allow me to make or receive calls when I am roaming or overseas?

Sorry, international roaming is not enabled for Maxis Postpaid 18 Watch. You can use your cellular watch in Bluetooth mode when roaming.

What devices are supported with Maxis Postpaid 18 Watch?

Maxis Postpaid 18 Watch can be used by below devices:

  1. Apple Watch with cellular with OS 6.1.1 (and above) which pair with iPhone compatible with iOS 13.3 and above.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE which pair with any Samsung smartphone with Android 5.0 and above.


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