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Zerolution for Maxis Postpaid Share

Will my principal line be contracted if I sign up my share line for Zerolution? 

Your principal line is not contracted when your share line is contracted. 

However, for principle line on Maxis Postpaid 98, only 1 device/ other type of contract is allowed. If its share line contracted on Zerolution which is counted as 1 contract, principle line on Maxis Postpaid 98 can upgrade to at least Maxis Postpaid 128 and above to be eligible for additional device contract and other type of contract.

What will happen to my Maxis Postpaid Share Zerolution contract if I choose to terminate my principal line?

You will need to upgrade your Maxis Postpaid Share line to any Maxis Postpaid principal line to continue your Zerolution contract or terminate the contract on your Maxis Postpaid Share (termination penalty will apply).

Can I transfer my share line to a different owner when it is contracted?

If you wish to perform a transfer of ownership, you will need to terminate your contract and pay off the remaining device balance. 

Can I subscribe to Maxis SafeDevice for the device I bought under Zerolution with Maxis Postpaid Share?

Yes, device with Zerolution on Maxis Postpaid Share is eligible to sign up for Maxis SafeDevice.



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