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Our updated GTC, effective from 20 December 2020, Refer


Neighbour Referral Program for Maxis Fibre

What is Maxis Fibre Neighbour Get Neighbour (NGN)?

This a limited time promotion for specially for new Maxis Fibre customers to get rewarded for introducing Maxis Fibre to neighbours.

Upon successful installation, you and your neighbours will enjoy exclusive rewards.


What do I get if I managed to get my neighbour to sign up to a new Maxis Fibre plan?

You will receive a RM50 rebate on your Maxis Fibre bill. The rebate will be reflected in M2 and M3 of your bill, upon successful installation of your neighbours’ Maxis Fibre service.

To enjoy this rebate, your Maxis Fibre service must be active. Rebate is nontransferable, or exchangeable for cash.


How do I refer my neighbours?

Just fill in your details and your neighbours’ details into the card left behind by our Maxperts during installation. You may send a picture of the card and contact the Maxpert directly via WhatsApp. Alternatively, you may scan the QR code and reply ‘4’ to proceed.


What is the promotion period?

This program is valid for your neighbours’ fibre installations from 1 November 2020 to 31 January 2021.


How many neighbours can I refer?

We encourage you to refer as many neighbours as possible to enjoy our Maxis Fibre service. Per NRIC, you are eligible to enjoy the RM50 rebate for up to 10 successful installation. This means that the maximum rebate that you will receive is RM500.


What benefits do my neighbour enjoy if they sign up for Maxis Fibre via my referral?

Your neighbour will enjoy 1-month FREE Maxis Fibre service. This bill rebate will be reflected in M2 of their bill, upon successful installation of their Maxis Fibre service. This rebate is given for their Maxis Fibre monthly fee and not applicable for the Unlimited Calls add-on at RM10 per month.

To enjoy the rebate, your neighbours’ Maxis Fibre service must be active.

Rebate is non-transferable, or exchangeable into cash.


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