Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I activate International Direct Dial (IDD) service?

IDD is a default service, which can be subscribed during the new line registration process. It will enable you to make international calls to mobile, fixed line and satellite phone numbers at any point of time as long as your account is active/current.

Do I need to pay any monthly fee for subscribing the IDD service on my mobile phone?

There is no monthly subscription fee for IDD service.

Is there a specific dialing pattern that can be used to enjoy cheaper IDD rates?

Yes, you may choose IDD 132 to save on international calls to fixed and mobile numbers around the globe.
Just dial 132 00 <country code> <area code> <phone number> to enjoy the cheaper call rates.

What is IDD 132?

IDD 132 allows you to save more on international calls when you talk longer on the phone to both fixed and mobile numbers around the globe. All your calls abroad are FREE after 20 minutes!

What do you mean by saving more money by talking longer?

All your calls abroad will be FREE after 20 minutes on the phone. Here is an example of the call rates for Maxis IDD 132:

Example: Call destination: Singapore

Call Duration per call RM charged for Maxis IDD 132
Call rate @ 36 sen per every 4 minutes
RM charged for international calls
Call rate @ 5 sen per every 30 seconds
10 seconds 36 sen 5 sen
4 minutes 36 sen 40 sen
7 minutes 36 seconds 72 sen 80 sen
16 minutes RM1.44 RM1.60
20 minutes RM1.80 RM2.00
40 minutes RM1.80 (first 20 mins only) RM0 (after the 20th minute onwards) RM4.00

What if I directly dial the international number without 132?

The normal direct dial rates will apply. Please refer to Maxis IDD for the full list of IDD 132 rates.

Do I need to subscribe to enjoy IDD 132?

No subscription is required. Just dial 132 before the international number.

Do I need to activate IDD 132 with Maxis before using the service?

No. Just dial 132 before the international number.

What if the destination I want to call is not listed in IDD 132?

It means that the destination is not available for this service. Please refer to Maxis IDD to check if the destination you would like to call is available.

Can I make a video call using IDD 132 when I am roaming abroad?

Maxis IDD 132 is only applicable for voice calls that can be initiated while you are residing at Malaysia.