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No matter how big or small your family is, everyone can enjoy MaxisONE Prime

With the new MaxisONE Prime, you and your family can customise the perfect plan just the way you want it. Choose a combination of any mobile plan from just RM98/mth and any fibre internet speed from RM89/mth. You can even add Share Lines to enjoy the same unlimited internet benefits.

Unlimited data, calls and SMS

Whether for browsing, streaming or chatting, all lines can enjoy unlimited high-speed internet on Malaysia’s No. 1 4G network.

Zero downtime home Internet

Stay connected at all times with the only home fibre equipped with a 4G WiFi backup.

Latest home and mobile devices

Upgrade to a new smartphone or home device with no upfront payment.

Unlimited family roaming

Get FREE roaming for the entire family when one person activates data roaming.

Exclusive Chinese New Year promo available for a limited time

Add a new Share Line to your MaxisONE Plan and get a new smartphone for only RM1. Find out more

Find out how much your MaxisONE Prime plan will be

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Choose a home fibre option:

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Choose number of Share Lines:

Each additional Share Line is only RM48/mth

1 principal line + 0 Share Line(s)
Add at least 1 Share Line to enjoy up to RM1200 off Zerolution360 phones

Choose plan:

Step 3

Would you like to add on a device?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s new with MaxisONE Prime and why should I be interested?

The new MaxisONE Prime allows you to enjoy a list of benefits for you and your family when you combine ANY MaxisONE Plan (RM98 and above) and ANY Fibre plan (RM89 and above).

Benefits that you and your whole family get to enjoy:

  • Unlimited Mobile Data for up to 5 lines – Your principal line and all your Share Lines tied to your principal line will enjoy unlimited mobile data.
  • Uninterrupted Home Fibre Internet - Your Home Fibre now comes with a 4G Backup that will automatically turns on whenever your Home Fibre is interrupted.
  • LATEST mobile phones and home connected devices at RM0 upfront payment and pay for your devices over 24 monthly payments at 0% interest.

Do you slow down the Internet speed on MaxisONE Prime when I reach a certain data usage limit?

Currently data usage is unlimited and we don’t slow down the speed of Internet on MaxisONE Prime after users reach any data usage limit. However, if the combined mobile data usage of your principal line and shared lines exceed 300GB a month, we may at our discretion limit the quality of video streaming to standard definition instead of high definition.

Am I eligible to sign up for the Plan?

All Consumer Individuals, Corporate Individuals and SMEs would be able to sign up for the plan.

I am already subscribed to both MaxisONE Plan and MaxisONE Home currently. Am I automatically enrolled to MaxisONE Prime?

We will not automatically convert your plan to MaxisONE Prime as we need you to choose the plans or add-ons that you want. However, do register your interest at the register for interest form on the MaxisONE Prime page to convert your plan to MaxisONE Prime at no additional charges and we will contact you soonest possible.

How much do I have to pay to sign up for the Plan?

The Plan varies according to family sizes and the devices that you choose. Use our online calculator here to find out how much you would need to pay for the plan.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Existing mobile customer who is converting existing line to MaxisONE Prime

  • No advance payment or deposit required.

New sign-ups

  • If you are not an existing Maxis customers; you have to be 18 years and above and must meet our credit requirements.
  • Advance payment of RM188 may be applicable.
  • RM500 deposit is applicable for foreigners.
How can I sign up for the plan?

You can register for our services at any Maxis Centre or Maxis Exclusive Partner (MEP) outlets.

If I have an existing mobile device contract, can I sign up for new home devices?

If you have an existing device contract with MaxisONE Plan and you decide to convert to MaxisONE Prime, your contract will be carried forward and as a goodwill measure you will be allowed to buy a home device on Zerolution (entertainment and gaming genre); on the other hand, if you have a Zerolution home device contract, you are not eligible to sign up for a new mobile device contract.

I have just signed up for a home device contract and my existing mobile device contract is expiring (before my home device contract), can I sign up for a new mobile device contract?

No. You need to complete your current Zerolution home device contract, in order to sign up for a new Zerolution contract for home device or mobile device.

If I have an existing device contract from my existing MaxisONE Plan, what will happen to my device contract when I migrate to the new MaxisONE Plan?

Your existing device contract can be carried over to the new MaxisONE Prime mobile plan of the same commitment value. For example, if you are on MaxisONE Plan 128 with a mobile device contract, you can migrate to MaxisONE Prime Plan 128 and above without any penalty charges.

What happens once I purchase a Home Device (TV, Playstation and Soundbar). How can I get the devices?

Once you have purchased the devices, Maxis will arrange for the devices to be delivered to you. You will receive a call from our partner retailers to confirm the schedule of the delivery.

Would Maxis install home devices for me?

Our appointed retailers cover basic installations (such as ensuring the TV can be turned on) will be done by device installers. Additional installations such as mounting will need to be arranged with appointed retailers.

What are the speeds available in the new MaxisONE Prime Home Fibre?

You will enjoy broadband access with download speeds of 30Mbps and 100Mbps.

Will Maxis offer higher download speeds of 300Mbps, 500Mbps or 800Mbps?

Yes, Maxis will offer higher speeds when the infrastructure are ready to support such speeds. Please stay tuned for the latest updates.

What is included in MaxisONE Home Fibre plans for MaxisONE Prime subscribers?

  • Unlimited internet quota.

  • Free router with 4G backup Dongle worth RM400

  • Complimentary 4G SIM card to be used as only backup for fibre

  • Call via VOIP is included:
    • For 30Mbps, choice to add on unlimited local calls at RM10/ month or charge based on usage; standard rates for local, international and special numbers apply.
    • For 100Mbps – Unlimited local calls & charges based on usage for international and special numbers apply.

Free DECT phone is provided for new customers. Existing customers may use the home phone that was provided with their current MaxisONE Home Fibre plan, or plug in their own telephone.

How does 4G Backup work?

You are provided with either a Wireless Router with a built-in SIM card slot or a Wireless Router that comes with a USB dongle with a SIM card. Whenever your fibre internet is interrupted , the wireless router will automatically switch to a 3G/4G connection as a temporary internet backup service.

Can I use the 4G Backup SIM card or dongle on another device?

The SIM Card must only be used together with the Wireless Router provided by Maxis. We reserve our right to block your SIM if we find that you are using the SIM card or the USB dongle out of the Wireless Router as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

If I terminate my MaxisONE Prime Plan, what will happen to the 4G Backup SIM?

The 4G Backup SIM is part of MaxisONE Prime. If you terminate your MaxisONE Prime plan, your 4G Backup SIM will be disabled.

What are the rates for fixed line calls on the new MaxisONE Home Fibre plans?
  • 100Mbps plan comes with unlimited local calls.
  • 30Mbps plan comes with a choice adding on unlimited local calls at RM10 per month or charge based on usages at RM0.09/ minute for local calls to mobile and fixed line. Standard rates apply for all calls to special and international numbers.
What is NOT included in the new fibre plans ?

iflix VIP - You will no longer enjoy complimentary iflix VIP after changing to the new plans. A monthly subscription of RM10 will be reflected in your bill. To cancel your iflix VIP subscription, open the iflix app menu, choose account, then my plan, and cancel recurring.

Can I retain my VOIP number obtained from my existing fibre provider?

For existing customers, your current VOIP number will be maintained after changing your plan. However, if you are switching from another provider, you will not be able to retain your VOIP number and you will have a new number from Maxis.

I am an existing MaxisONE Home Fibre customer and within contract, am I eligible to sign up MaxisONE Prime under the new Fibre plans?

All existing Home Fibre customers within contract or out of contract are eligible to change to their choice of the plan with a new contract of 24 months. Penalty for customers within contract will be waived.

I am an existing MaxisONE Prime customer and my home fibre is within contract, am I eligible to sign up for the new MaxisONE Prime plans?

Regardless whether your home fibre is within or out of contract, you are eligible to change to any one of the new MaxisONE Home plans and your home fibre will be contracted for 24 months and penalty (if any) will be waived. If your mobile line is under a device contract, you can only move to the MaxisONE Prime mobile plan with same commitment level or higher.

I am an existing subscriber of MaxisONE Prime with RM40 monthly discount on Year End Sales promo (2017). Will I still have this promo discount when I change to the new package plan?

The new plans will not come with any earlier package promo discounts and services. You will not enjoy the complimentary iflix VIP and Unlimited Voice will be charged as an add-on at RM10 per month.

What is the contract terms for MaxisONE Prime? Will there be any penalty fee imposed if I decide to terminate within the contract period?

Upon subscription to MaxisONE Prime, your home fibre will be contracted for 24 months. A penalty fee of RM500 will be imposed for any termination within the contract period.

I am an existing MaxisONE Prime subscriber. Is there a need to change my router?

We will check if a change of router is required and inform you accordingly upon sign up.

Can I sign up for MaxisONE Prime if my house is not located within the Maxis fibre coverage area?

If you are not within Maxis fibre coverage, you will not be eligible for MaxisONE Prime as home fibre is compulsory for MaxisONE Prime.

I live in a shop lot. Can I sign up for MaxisONE Home under MaxisONE Prime?

You can apply for MaxisONE Home but Maxis has the right to change your plan/package to Maxis ONEBusiness Fibre if the fibre service is deemed to be used for business purposes.

I live in a high-rise building. Can I subscribe to the new packages as well?

Yes, you can subscribe to the new plans, but the broadband speeds offered are dependent on the building’s infrastructure.

I’m using fibre Internet from another fibre provider at the moment, how do I move to MaxisONE Home Fibre plan?

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I change my selected plan prior to the installation?

To avoid any delay, it is advisable that you change your plan only after installation.

What do I expect in my bill if I change from an existing plan to a new plan?

The subscription fees of your previous and current plans, other usages and charges such as calls (if any) will all be prorated.

How to redeem?

  1. Fill in the form on
  2. Customers will need to attach a scanned copy of their Maxis receipt when submitting.
  3. All forms must reach Samsung by 31 January 2019 at the latest.

Terms and Conditions

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