What is Maxis Trade Up?

With our Trade Up program, you can enjoy bigger savings on all mobile phone devices under MaxisONE Plan 128 and above.

Find a Store Where to Buy

Find out the value of your smartphone now!

Trade in your old device to enjoy savings of up to RM2,040. If you can't find your device in the list below, don't worry!
You're still entitled to a RM40 rebate!


How do I know if my phone is valid for
a Trade Up?   

Here are some important criteria for your phone evaluation:
  1. Device is able to turn on and off, chargeable, and IMEI is readable
  2. Display screen is functional, not cracked, no damaged pixels, no shadows, no discoloration, and no water damage.
  3. Device has network signal, able to make/accept calls, and factory reset is performed upon submission.
  4. Casing and cover has no major damage, cracks, missing buttons, and all buttons are functioning
  5. Activation lock and screen lock must be removed. For iPhones, Find My iPhone feature is unlocked.
  6. Device must be an original set.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Why trade in with us?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get the best value for your old phone.

Just Bring Your Used Device

No box, charger or accessories required!


Perform your trade in at any Maxis Centre or Maxis Exclusive partner natonwide

3 simple steps before your trade up for a new phone

Step 1

Back up your old phone's data before you bring it to a Maxis store.

Step 2

Let our friendly staff perform a quick validation on your old device.

Step 3

Trade in your phone and you could get your hands on the latest smartphone at no extra cost!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this offer about?

This offer is to enable customers to trade in ANY of their working phone to receive rebates towards their new phone or upfront deductions on MOP 128 and above with a 24 months contract (applies to EM).

Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is available for new, port ins and existing Maxis customers (including Corporate Individual and SME Individual). Eligibility checks to enroll in the Zerolution program and Normal Contract will still apply.

Where can I go to sign up for the offer?

This offer is available via Maxis Centres and Maxis Exclusive Partners.

How much will I receive for my old phone?

Your phone will be categorized into one of the 16 tiers in our list.

What if my phone is not in the list?

Phone that is not in the list will fall under Tier 16. We accept ANY working phones. Few criteria apply.

How do I enjoy the trade in rebates?

For Zerolution, your monthly 24 months Zerolution fees will be deducted based on the tier of your traded device.

For Normal Contract, upfront deduction up to the value of your trade in devices will apply.

When will I be able to enjoy my trade in rebates?

For Zerolution, you will be enjoying this rebate starting from your first bill.

For Normal Contract, you will be enjoying this rebate immediately at the counter.

What happens if I opt out of MaxisONE Plan after I have purchased my new phone?

For Zerolution, you are not tied to any contract and are free to change plan. However, if you choose to leave MaxisONE Plan, you will not be eligible for Zerolution, hence you will be charged with the phone remaining balance and your trade in rebates remaining balance will be forfeited.

For Normal Contract, you will be charged a penalty for leaving MaxisONE Plan. However, your trade in rebate will not be affected.