Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

SMS Scam Purporting to be from Maxis

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Maxis enables you to be connected with the most reliable on-the-go internet and zero downtime indoors.

Easy ownership of the latest devices

From 5G smartphones to connected home devices, it's easy to find your perfect match with multiple device ownership options.

Your perfect lifestyle partner

Indulge in exclusive offers and rewards with our wide range of add-ons - from entertainment to sports - tailored to your every need and want.

Choose the Maxis Postpaid plan that suits you best

Level up your mobile experience with Maxis​

Unlimited calls & SMS – Get unlimited data when you pair your mobile plan with any Maxis Home Fibre plan or 5G Home WiFi plan.
Unlimited 5G data for roaming – From only RM29/day to the best networks worldwide.​
Enjoy a bigger DataPool – Add Maxis Postpaid Share Line to enjoy a collective pool of 5G and 4G data with your family members.

Explore all the benefits of Maxis Postpaid to find the perfect plan for your connectivity needs

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If you're an existing customer considering an upgrade or looking to add another plan, we have some exciting offers just for you!​

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Postpaid Plans

  • You may change the rate plan of your even if you are still under contract. Generally, if it is new rateplan is an upgrade, your contract will be carried forward; in case of rate plan downgrade, a Early Termination Fee (ETF) will be charged. For more information on changing your rate-plan, click HERE.

  • We offer a wide range of phone ownership program. You can get a phone from Maxis

    1. Normal Device Contract:
      • Pay for a lower device price from recommended retail price.
      • Sign up for a device contract with your selected rateplan.
    2. Zerolution:
      • Pay your phone on installment basis with zero upfront payment.
      • Zero interest rate and no card needed.
  • Yes, Maxis Postpaid plans and Maxis Family plan allow data sharing, your principal line’s monthly internet quota can be shared with your supplementary/ share line or it’s formally known as Maxis Postpaid Share 48 (s) at anytime. Simply use Maxis app to allocate the internet quota accordingly to you share line (s). For more information on share line, click HERE.

    For customers on old plans (other than Maxis Postpaid & Maxis Family plan), there is no data sharing feature.

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