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We're introducing the Maxis Awards to empower
Malaysian heroes.

It takes all of us to make the best of us. To all Malaysian heroes—the ones driving change and the ones standing behind them in support—we say thank you, for inspiring progress for our nation.

To continue the support for heroes of today and tomorrow, we’re introducing the Maxis Awards to recognise, enable and empower those who help our nation stay always ahead.

Maxis Awards. Our RM5 million commitment to empowering Malaysians.

Designed to support and encourage impactful ideas to accelerate our nation's progress, RM5 million will be dedicated to the development and promotion of 12 Malaysian-based projects in the next 12 months.

Winners are selected based on the three important criteria below and will receive grants and Maxis Business solutions expertise to help bring their ideas to life.

Value to Community

The project benefits the community in one or more ways.
E.g. economic, social, environmental


The project demonstrates a new and improved way of solving a problem.


The project is driven by digital technologies such as IoT, cloud, networking, AI, data and analytics, among others.

Does your business have an idea that benefits your community?

Maxis is partnering with The Star Outstanding Business Awards to identify businesses with ideas to drive meaningful change within their community, and help realise these ambitions with the right digital solutions and technical expertise.

Submissions have now closed. Stay tuned to find out who our next Maxis Awards winners are!
Submit your proposals from now until 28 November.

Join us at a virtual pitch briefing on 29 October 2021:

  • Find out how you can participate
  • Learn how and what you can win
  • Meet the previous Maxis Awards winners

Maxis Awards 2021: Pitch briefing

  • 29 October 2021
  • 11.00AM - 12.00PM
  • Virtual webinar

Photo courtesy of Gen. T

Dr. Dzaeman Dzulkifli
Executive Director

TRCRC (Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre)

TRCRC was established in 2012 to restore tropical rainforests and address the critical rate of biodiversity loss in Malaysia. TRCRC’s mission is two-fold: to preserve tropical rainforest plant species and lead landscape-wide protection and reforestation projects throughout the country.

Photo courtesy of Gen. T

Mohamed Tarek
Founder & Managing Director

ERTH (Electronic Recycling Through Heroes)

ERTH is the first on-demand electronic recycling solution in ASEAN. They utilize a network of freelance Heroes (gig-economy freelancers) to collect old, used or unwanted electronics directly from Malaysian households & businesses. ERTH will pay cash rewards or vouchers as a reward upon collection. They then reuse, repair or recycle the electronics to maximize their value.