Help save our Borneo elephants by switching to MaxisONE Home eBill

Borneo elephants are an endangered species native to the north-eastern part of Borneo island. Their natural habitat in the lowlands of Borneo is increasingly shrinking, due to conversion of land into tree plantations or for agriculture. This has led to a habitat less compatible for elephant survival and an increased rate of human-elephant conflicts. 

WWF Malaysia is working to help the estimated 1,500 surviving Borneo elephants by conserving their land and reducing poaching. To be a part of WWF Malaysia’s efforts, simply switch to eBill! For each eBill sign up, we will donate RM5 to WWF Malaysia in support of saving the Borneo elephants.

Be part of the conservation effort now simply by switching to eBill before 23-Jan-2018. For each eBill sign up, Maxis will be donating RM5 to the WWF Malaysia Borneo Elephant Conservation Programme to support the cause. Every paper bills we stop sending is extra savings going into helping the endangered Borneo elephants. Sign up today and safeguard the future of Borneo elephants.

Please note from 23-Jan-2018 onwards, there’s a monthly fee of RM5 to receive paper bill.

Download MyMaxis App here and follow these steps.


Select Bills icon from Home screen


Touch on the desire account to subscribe eBill.


Touch on Disabled


Toggle the button from left to right to enable eBill.


Click OK and proceed to verify email address.


Click the green colored message.


External link to an Email Verification message upon successful verification.


Receive an “Maxis eBill – Activation” notification email.


Status shown as ‘Enable eBill’ and ‘Email Verified’ in MyMaxis App.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I get helps about my bill?

You can view, download your bill in PDF bill format and pay bill from MyMaxis App. Once you are logged in to MyMaxis App you can also:
• View Last 3 months, Download and keep a copy (or print) your PDF bill.
• Check bill details such as Bill Date, Credit Limit, Payment Due Date, Overdue Charges, Itemized Charges, and Last 3 Payments
• Enable eBill subscription.
• Pay you bills.
• Keep track of your bill charges.

How do I know my monthly bill is ready?

If you subscribe to eBill, each month we will notify you via SMS or email when your monthly online bill is ready for viewing. Please make your mobile contact number and email address is up-to-date to receive notifications.

How do I get a copy of my previous bills?

You can view your last 3 months bill via MyMaxis App. In MyMaxis App,
• Choose Bills
• Select desire account
• Choose Check PDF Bills
Last 3 months’ PDF Bills are available at the bottom of the page

What to do if I’m looking for my bill 6 months ago?

MyMaxis App enable you to view and download last 3 months’ bills, hence you’re encourage to download and keep them periodically.

Why can’t I view and download my bill in PDF via my smartphone?

Please make sure you install a PDF reader if your smartphone doesn’t come with it if you have an issue to view and download your bill in PDF format.

Can I request for a paper bill for my MaxisONE Home services?

We prefer to send your bills to you email inbox, and don’t send paper bill unless specially request. Once you’re registered to MyMaxis App, you can view, download, save and print the PDF bills whenever you like.

23-Jan-2018 onwards, there’s monthly charges RM5 monthly to opt in paper bills.

What is eBill?

eBill is FREE and enable you to:
• Access to your bill whenever you want at your finger tips via your laptop, smartphone, tablet devices and/or any internet enable devices.
• Submit your bill for reimbursement without scan or fax.
• Good for the environment and no more filling to paper bills.

How to enable eBill?

It’s easy! Please follow these step-by-step guide to sign up to eBill.

What happen if I prefer to have my bill in paper bill format?

We prefer and encourage you to receive your bill in online bill format via MyMaxis App or deliver directly to your email inbox and you can print it out wherever you want. However, paper bills will be available and send to your mailing address upon request.

Do note 23-Jan-2018 onwards, there will be RM5 monthly charge to opt in to paper bill for MaxisONE Home customers.

I’ve signed up to eBill but why am I not getting the bill via my email inbox?

If you’ve signed up to eBill less than 48 hours from your Statement Date, you will only receives eBill from next following month’s statement date. For example, you signed up to eBill on 9th October and your Statement Date is 10th of every month, in this case you will get your eBill from next month’s 10th, 10th November.

INFO: You may refer to Page 1 and top-right corner of your monthly bill for Statement Date.