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Alert: Beware of

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Frequently Asked Questions

Free Pre-Installation Internet

  • We are offering FREE unlimited 4G internet to new Maxis Fibre customers who are waiting for fibre installation.

  • All customers who sign up for Maxis Fibre from 13 Apr 2020 onwards and waiting for fibre installations. Customer will enjoy this offer until successful installation of fibre which should not be more than 2 months.

  • Yes. If you are an existing Maxis Postpaid plan customer, your mobile line will be upgraded to Maxis Unlimited Postpaid after signing up for this offer. Visit Maxis Unlimited Postpaid to learn more.

  • You will be given the following items which have to be returned upon successful fibre installation.

    1. A router;
    2. A dongle; and
    3. A SIM with unlimited 4G data access.
  • You will enjoy FREE unlimited data on Maxis 4G mobile network. The throughput of your connection is subjected to several factors such as location of your home, devices connected, location of the dongle and router, network congestion, interference.
    *Average download and upload speed can be checked on Opensignal

  • Pre-Installation Internet is offered with your commitment to sign up for Maxis Fibre.
    For Maxis Fibre contract obligations please refer to
    The additional terms and conditions for Pre-Installation Internet are:

    1. Return the loan Dongle and SIM card upon successful installation.
    2. SIM card to be used with the Router and Dongle only with standard fair usage policy apply.
    3. No unreasonable postponement on customer side to prolong the use of FREE Pre-Installation Internet
    4. Fibre registration cancellation fee of RM200.

    For details, refer to

  • Upon successful fibre installation you are required to return the SIM and Dongle to Maxis. Failure to return the SIM and device will incur a one-time device non-return fee of RM200.

  • Yes, you may cancel your fibre order with a one-time cancellation penalty fee of RM200 if you cancel your order prior to having Fibre installed. Upon cancellation, the SIM will be deactivated and you are required to return the devices provided by Maxis (i.e. Router, Dongle). Devices to be returned will be collected by Maxis appointed representatives.

  • To keep the router or 4G dongle, you just have to pay a one-time non-return fee of RM200.00 that will be charged to your next Maxis bill.

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