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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Month Free Maxis Postpaid Trial Offer

  • The is an offer exclusively for selected customers to try and experience the truly Unlimited Data on Maxis mobile network.

    Eligible customer will receive 2 trial SIM cards. Just call or walk in to activate the SIM cards to enjoy FREE 1-month commitment for each SIM before 30 April 2022. 

  • This offer period is from 28 January 2022 to 30 April 2022.

  • Yes. Upon activation, you will enjoy FREE 1-month off on your preferred rateplan.

  • The eligible rate plans for principal are Maxis Postpaid 98 and above; for supplementary on Maxis Postpaid Share plan at RM48/mth.

    If you activate the mobile lines in the same account as your Fibre service, your mobile lines will enjoy unlimited data beside unlimited calls & SMS to all domestic networks. 

    While you are enjoying FREE 1-month on your preferred rateplan, you may also sign up the best device deals from as low as RM1.

    In addition, you can get to enjoy a new feature; Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) at no additional cost to you.

  • Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) is a voice call service that allows you to receive and make call over a WiFi network on your Maxis mobile line, when mobile signal is limited or absent. 

  • You have an option to activate only 1 SIM cards for individual used or both SIM cards for greater data allocation for families. 

  • We encourage you to activate both SIM cards; and link the newly activated mobile line with your existing Maxis Fiber to enjoy unlimited data for your entire family.

  • You will enjoy FREE 1-month off your preferred rateplan upon line activation. After 1-month, your monthly fee will be charged according to your selected rateplan.

  • If you decide not to continue using the Trial SIMs after 1 month, you can call us to deactivate the mobile line before the trial period ends. There will be no charges to deactivate the SIMs.

  • No, this is a blank SIM card without pre-defined mobile number. You can either choose a new mobile number or keep your existing number by switching in your existing number from other service provider to Maxis. 

    This promotion is not applicable for switching of Hotlink Prepaid and Hotlink Postpaid to Maxis Postpaid plans. 

  • Below are the options to activate FREE trial SIM cards:

    • Call us at at 1-800-822-000 
    • Walk in to any Maxis Stores 
    • Fill in the form with your details via Maxis website
  • You can choose to activate only 1 or both of the SIMs.  

    We strongly encourage you to activate both lines to enjoy free monthly fee for 1 month for each of the lines. 

    • If you have activated 1 SIM card, you will enjoy RM98 rebate if your selected rateplan is Maxis Unlimited Postpaid/ Maxis Postpaid 98. If you have selected higher rateplan  i.e. Maxis Unlimited Postpaid/ Maxis Postpaid 188 will allow you to enjoy RM188, you will enjoy greater rebate value rebate off your monthly bill.
    • If you have activated 2 SIM cards, you will enjoy rebate on both principle and shareline.
  • You may activate more lines, however only 2 lines will enjoy the FREE 1 month bill waiver. You can takes up higher rateplan for your principle line if you would like to add more sharelines. 

  • No. There is no activation fee, deposit or any advance payment required. You can activate the Trial SIM card for FREE.

  • No. There is no contract to this trial SIM card. Should you decide to discontinue, you can call us at 123 to deactivate the mobile line at no additional charge.

  • Yes, you can sign up mobile device/ home devices offered on Maxis Postpaid/ Maxis Fiber service post activation. 

  • Yes, standard roaming rate applies.

The FAQ’s are meant for clarification purposes only. The FAQ’s may be modified from time to time. Please refer Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions of the products and/or services for more information.

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