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Frequently Asked Questions

Maxis e-Waste Recycling Campaign

  • This campaign is open to all locals and foreigners residing in Malaysia to encourage e-Waste recycling to combat the effects of environmental pollution.

    This campaign provides a sustainable way in disposing digital and electrical items in a safe and responsible manner.  

  • You will need to remove any personal data and perform a factory reset on your devices before handing it over to the ERTH Hero.

    If required, our partner ERTH does provide this service upon special request with applicable charges, do check and ensure you are agreeable with the charges before your proceed.

  • You can recycle any electronic and electrical device which are not larger than 50cm (at any dimension length, width or height) or heavier than 25kg.

    You can find the list of e-Waste items that’s accepted and not accepted by ERTH at under section “Common E-Waste Items”

  • No Charges for:

    1. minimum 3 used electronic/electrical devices of Computer, Flatscreen, Smartphone, Tablet, Printer or Projector AND 
    2. size/weight less than 50cm/25kg per item.
  • You can choose to either donate or be paid for your e-Waste.

    Cashless Payment is fulfilled by BlueBee Technologies Sdn Bhd (ERTH) upon collection of items. Details can be found

  • Currently, doorstep pickup coverage areas are Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bharu.

    If you are not located within the collection area covered by ERTH, you may still submit your request and discuss with ERTH on the alternative post in option from Peninsular Malaysia.

  • Post in option is available if you reside in peninsular Malaysia and would like to dispose your e-waste, but not within our doorstep pick up coverage area; or you are within our pickup coverage area but prefer post in due to its convenience.

  • Same as the home pick, you need just to make the request and our partner will get in touch with you over WhatsApp, go through the standard procedure to assess your items and requests. If all thru and post in is your option, you will be given the free post in label which you need to print and stick on your packed box, you just need to pack your e-Waste in a box (if more than 1, do make sure each of them not more than 30kg); lastly just drop off your box(es) at your nearest Pos Malaysia branch.

  • Same as free collection from home, you will enjoy free post in, if you mean the following conditions.

    1. minimum 3 used electronic/electrical devices of Computer, Flatscreen, Smartphone, Tablet, Printer or Projector AND
    2. size/weight less than 50cm/25kg per item.


    There is no maximum number of items you can post in, just make sure you put all your items in boxes, each of them not more than 30kg and properly label and sealed and drop them at your nearest Pos Malaysia branch.

  • ERTH Representative will contact you via Whatsapp within 7 days of request submission to make an appointment with you to collect your e-Waste.

    1. Urgent, As Soon As Possible and
    2. Not Urgent, scheduled at my Convenience?

      "Urgent, As Soon As Possible” means ERTH will be attempt accommodate your request and assign a Hero as soon as possible to collect your e-Waste (on a best effort basis).

      “Not Urgent, scheduled at my convenience” means there is no hurry for you and just provide make the appointment for collection date & time when the ERTH Hero contact you. 
  • You may contact ERTH, please reach out to them via email at hello [@] or
    Whatsapp ERTH at +6014 221 1446 and quote your Request ID.

  • Our appointed partner, ERTH, is the Top Auhtorised Collection Centre by Jabatan Alam Sekitar.

    Some e-Waste may contain hazardous materials/components like lead, cadmium, mercury etc that when disposes improperly can seep into air, soil or water. 

    ERTH works with government-licensed recycling facility. e-Waste collectors authorized by the Jabatan Alam Sekitar have met the standards and criteria set for safe and responsible e-Waste handling, processing and disposal. This is important as we do not want to further harm our environment.

    Unauhtorised e-Waste collectors may not handle e-Waste in the proper manner that may result in polluting the air, land and water.

  • ERTH will assess the electronic devices and grades them accordingly:-

    Grade A: Reuseable
    Grade B: Repairable
    Grade C: Recyclable

    The reusable and repairable items after data destruction, may be used for spare parts or sold on the second hand market to fund future e-waste collections and B40 device donations.

    The Recyclable items are sent to government-licensed recycling facility.

  • No worries.

    Just let the ERTH Hero know the final list of electrical and electronics to be recycled when they get in touch with you. This is to ensure proper logistics (manpower and vehicle) is dispatched for your e-waste collection.  

  • First off, recycling your e-Waste responsibly ensures that it doesn’t end up in the landfill.

    If you really changed your mind, do inform you would like to cancel your request when the ERTH Hero contacts you for appointment. However, if cancellation happens when the ERTH Hero is on the way or arrived onsite, cancellation charges will apply.

  • On a best effort basis, ERTH will try their best to retrieve the device/item.

    You may contact ERTH within 24 hours of collection, at hello [@] or Whatsapp ERTH at +6014 221 1446 and quote your Request ID.

    Retrieval will be a chargeable service of RM250 on top of delivery charges to deliver item back to you.

The FAQ’s are meant for clarification purposes only. The FAQ’s may be modified from time to time. Please refer Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions of the products and/or services for more information.

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