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Get FREE shipping on all online purchases. Buy now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TNG – Maxis Mini Program

  • The Maxis mini program on TNG eWallet host the exclusive online stores of Maxis and Hotlink for specially for TNG eWallet users.

  • Through the Maxis Mini Program, all TNG eWallet users who are existing Maxis/ Hotlink customers and non-Maxis/ Hotlink may subscribe to Maxis services and make purchases with their TNG eWallet.

  • As this is an exclusive on TNG eWallet app, the only payment option is users’ TNG eWallet.

  • If you have insufficient amount in your TNG eWallet for the transaction, you will be prompted to reload before proceeding with the transaction and if you have pre-registered credit card for reload, you may perform quick payment.

  • The cap is following the eWallet size.

    • Non-eKYC users, RM200 per month
    • eKYC users RM5,000 per month
  • If your personal details on TNG is yet verified, you are deemed as Non-eKYC user, you will be redirected to get you TNG eWallet account to do a one-time verification before making any purchase on the Maxis mini program.

  • Your purchase limit is equal to the maximum limit reload per month TNG eWallet which is RM5,000. There are no separate limit set just for Maxis Mini Program

  • Special deals and promotions are by campaign basis. Stay tuned to Maxis Mini program for latest Special deals and promotions from time to time

  • Customers who made subscriptions of plans and purchases will receive invoice via email (as per BAU commerce’s transactions)

  • TNG Help Centre: Verification of TNG account, eWallet balances and limit

    Maxis Hotline @ 123: for Maxis’ services & products, status of purchase, delivery

The FAQ’s are meant for clarification purposes only. The FAQ’s may be modified from time to time. Please refer Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions of the products and/or services for more information.

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