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Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule a Data Roaming Pass

  • This is a new feature available on Maxis app which allows Maxis Mobile Consumer customers to schedule the activation of a roaming pass on a preferred date. The pass will be activated at 6am (Malaysia time) on your selected date.

  • You may schedule activation the following long validity data roaming passes:

    • 3 days ASEAN Plus pass at RM39 - new, available from 19 Oct 2023.
    • 7 days ASEAN Plus pass at RM 49
    • 15 days Data Roaming pass at RM89 - new, available from 19 Oct 2023.
    • 30 days Data Roaming pass at RM119
    • 45 Days Saudi Premium Data Pass - available from 7 March 2024 to 30 June 2024 (both dates inclusive).

    These passes are available for customers on Maxis Postpaid plans, Maxis Unlimited Postpaid and Fibre plans, Maxis Postpaid Share and Maxis Postpaid Tablet Connect plans.

  • To ensure our customers would enjoy the best value, in countries with 1 day data roaming pass, the applicable 1-day data pass will activate automatically when data usage is detected and reach a pre-set limit.

  • You may schedule the one long validity roaming pass as early as 14 days and as late as 6 hours prior or before 12:00am of the required pass activation date on Maxis app.In case you couldn’t schedule one within the time specified above, fret not, you may buy and activate your desired immediate on Maxis app.

  • You will not be charged for the pass at the point of scheduling, you will only be charged after the successful activation of the pass. You may cancel your scheduled pass in not less than 2 hours or before 4:00am of the activation of the scheduled pass.

  • Here is how you do it:

    1. Login to your Maxis app, tap on “Roaming”
    2. Select your destination country for the available data roaming passes; 
    3. Select your desired long validity pass based on your destination and duration of stay.
    4. Make your choice between immediate pass purchase/ activation or Schedule roaming.
    5. Select “Yes” for Schedule roaming and select the date.
    6. Check and confirm if the pass summary information i.e activated date and time and the expiry date time are correct. 
    7. Upon confirm on app, you will receive a SMS sent to customers to inform that, your selected roaming pass will be activated on [Date & Time] & Expiry [Date & Time]. 
    8. You will receive a reminder on pass activation, 24 hours before the scheduled pass activation time. 
    9. You will be notified via SMS upon successful / failure of scheduled pass activation.

    Please note that, scheduling is not allowed if your line/ or Maxis account is barred or on suspension status.

  • Login to Maxis app, at the home page, the scheduled pass will be displayed in the middle of home page, on top of What’s Hot banners till scheduled activation date/ time.

  • Yes, you can schedule more than one long validity roaming pass activation as long as they are not the same pass, i.e. not the same type of pass; 7 days ASEAN Plus and another 7 days ASEAN Plus pass, to be activated on the same day.

    Scheduling of different passes to be activated at the same day is allowed. For example, if you have scheduled a 7 Days ASEAN Plus pass, and try to schedule a 30 Days Data Roaming pass to be activated on the same day, you will be allowed to do so and both passes will be activated.

    At the point of activation, if you are detected to have an active pass of the same type, the activation of the schedule pass will be rejected, and you will be notified by SMS.

  • The RM38.00 or RM29.00 will be waived if the 1 Day DataRoam Pass is automatically activated on same date as the activation of the scheduled Roaming pass.

    Please note that waiver will not applicable, if you have a long validity passes i.e 7 Days ASEAN Plus pass or 30 Days Data Roaming pass and still purchase a 1 Day Data Roam pass manually on the same day.

  • For any change of type of pass or activation date, please cancel your scheduled pass and schedule a new activation upon confirmation of your cancellation.

    Here is how you do it on Maxis app:
    On the homepage, tap on Roaming pass scheduled summary and click on “CANCEL PASS” button. You may proceed to schedule a new pass upon successful cancellation of the schedule.

  • You may buy your desired pass on the Maxis app which will activate immediately for your usage.

    For successful activation of your schedule pass, please ensure your line/ account is current, not barred or in suspended status.

  • You will receive an SMS notification. You may also check status of roaming pass on Maxis app.

  • Upon activation or failure of scheduled pass, you will no longer be able to view history. All passes successfully activated will be billed to you in your monthly bill.

  • You may cancel your scheduled roaming pass in not less 2 hours from its activation time, here is how you do it on the Maxis app.

    1. On the Home page, tap on the scheduled pass, and you will see “CANCEL PASS” at the pass details page. 
    2. Click on “CANCEL PASS” and the scheduled pass will be cancelled.
    3. You will receive a prompt that the Roaming pass cancellation is successful.
    4. The scheduled roaming pass at the home page will no longer be displayed.

    Please note that any cancellation of scheduled passes should be done in not less than 2 hours or 4.00am before the Roaming pass at 6:00am (Msia time) on the activation date; and from time to time there may be scheduled system maintenance downtime between 2am to 7am.

    • Only the person who scheduled the roaming pass may proceed with cancellation.
    • If scheduling was done by principal line for multiple lines (themselves and share lines), cancellation will also be for all the lines. After cancellation, principal can schedule the roaming pass again if still within allowed Schedule roaming duration.
    • A share line user will only be able to proceed with cancellation if the scheduling was done by themselves.
  • Each of the passes will have a validity of Xdays x 24 hours from the activation date and time. For better tracking, it will be converted to Malaysian Time.

    You can check the exact expiry Date and Time from the confirmation SMS that you received or via Maxis app

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