Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

SMS Scam Purporting to be from Maxis

Frequently Asked Questions

Prepaid To Postpaid

  • Regardless of your current payment method (prepaid or postpaid), you can switch your number to Maxis postpaid. 

    If you wish to switch your existing number to Hotlink prepaid or postpaid, please refer to for more details.

    Visit Maxis Mobile Plans page for more info.

  • You can switch from Hotlink prepaid to Maxis postpaid while retaining your existing number and convert from prepaid to postpaid by below option: 

    1. Prepaid line must be active. 
    2. No outstanding SOS top up. 
    3. Here are where you can get it done:-
      1. Go to the nearest Maxis Store; Or
      2. Call us.

    Advance payment may be applicable, and the amount depends on your selected rateplan. For foreigners deposit is applicable.

  • You are not obligated with contract for conversion. You will only be obligated with a contract should you sign up with any package (with devices, content or services) where contract is clearly indicated.

  • Not to worry. For goodwill, we will convert unused credit and post it into your postpaid account, it will be reflected in your bill. 

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