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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Max WiFi by Maxperts is an add on service for full WiFi coverage throughout your home. We will provide additional equipment required for full WiFi coverage of your home, covering installation with repair and maintenance of the additional equipment.

    Upon your subscription, our Maxis Installers – Maxpert, will visit your premise and perform a thorough analysis of your home layout before proposing to install EasyMesh WiFi6 at the strategic locations in your home.

    The consultation and installation are FREE. Our objective is to ensure you enjoy worry-free experience and always enjoy optimize WiFi signal throughout the whole house.

  • All Maxis Fiber customers can sign up for Max WiFi by Maxperts as an add on service.

  • Effective 15 June 2023, Max WiFi’s standard subscription fee is RM29 per month.

  • Only sign up during the promotional will enjoy the launch offer at RM19/mth. If you unsubscribe Max WiFi and resubscribe later, you will enjoy the current monthly subscription fee.

  • There is no deposit or advance payment required, and the installation fee is FREE.

  • Yes, of course. This service is designed to ensure our Maxis Fiber customers have a worry-free WiFi experience, and optimize WiFi signal throughout the house.

    Rest assured that our Maxis installer will perform a thorough analysis of your house to ensure the WiFi signal reaches each corner of your home.

  • Yes, there will be a 6-month contract for Max WiFi by Maxperts service.

  • Our Maxperts will deliver the service guarantee for this whole home WiFi coverage proposition. Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance after installation.

  • You may sign up for Max WiFi by Maxperts at any Maxis Stores, via our Maxis website or call us at 123.


  • Not to worry, please contact us and we will arrange our Maxperts to rectify this. We offer FREE replacement for damaged devices.

  • You can upgrade or downgrade your Maxis Fiber plan, and your monthly subscription for Max WiFi by Maxperts remains.

  • For relocation, please bring along your modem and EasyMesh WiFi6 to new installation address.

    Maxperts will ensure your new home has the full WiFi coverage throughout the entire house on the installation day.

  • For termination, you will need to return all units of EasyMesh WiFi6, or a non-return fee will be charged at RM299 per unit. Please bring along all your EasyMesh WiFi6 and walk in to your nearest Maxis Store.

    If you are terminating within 6-month contract commitment period, Early Termination Fee will be charged based on the remaining monthly subscription fees of the Max WiFi by Maxperts.


  • If you wish to terminate your Max WiFi, do bring all the units of EasyMesh deployed and installed at your home and walk in to your nearest Maxis Centre to make the request.

  • Yes, you need to return all units of EasyMesh deployed and installed at your premise upon your termination request or a non-return fee of RM299 per unit will be charged.

  • We accept Normal wear and tear (decolorization of the mesh, light scratches on the mesh surface...etc). However, if there are damages which are beyond normal usage, such as the cracks on mesh, signs of unauthorized and forceful opening of the mesh, missing components within the mesh and so on, or the mesh can’t be returned, we will impose device non-return fee of RM299 per unit.

  • Yes, you may terminate the Max WiFi by Maxperts and keep your Fibre service only. But by doing so, you will lose support to optimise and maximise your Maxis Home Fibre coverage to every corner of your premise.

  • Yes, early termination fee will be charged based on the remaining monthly subscription fees of Max WiFi by Maxpert.

Mesh Technology

  • EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 from Maxis is a Wi-Fi device that can provide a better Wi-Fi experience for all your wireless devices by increasing Wi-Fi coverage and removing dead spots, ensuring seamless Wi-Fi connectivity for your entire home. It’s easy to set up, just plug-and-play and you’ll be able to able to connect your wireless devices to the extended Wi-Fi network. The device is Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ R2 certified and Wi-Fi 6™ certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance® organization.

  • Traditional range extenders are designed to help expand the reach of your wireless network, which in turn reduces speed and impacts performance levels. Mesh Wi-Fi technology transmit its signal at full power, resulting in better, more reliable Wi-Fi coverage for all your wireless devices, even when used simultaneously.

    Mesh Wi-Fi provides seamless handover (no break in internet connection as you move around at home) and automatically connects your devices to the node with the strongest Wi-Fi signal.

  • EasyMesh is a global mesh standard that is strictly controlled and governed by Wi-Fi Alliance. For customers, having EasyMesh certified mesh units means these mesh units are easy to install and use, self-adapting and supports multi-vendor interoperability. Both the router and mesh from Maxis are Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ R2 certified.

  • The EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 from Maxis is a dual-band (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) concurrent wireless mesh extender with MU-MIMO, supporting up to the 160Mhz channel width for the 5Ghz band. It also has the band steering feature which automatically selects the strongest WiFi frequency band for your devices ensuring optimum connection.

The FAQ’s are meant for clarification purposes only. The FAQ’s may be modified from time to time. Please refer Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions of the products and/or services for more information.

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