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Frequently Asked Questions

Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

  • VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE. It is an advance technology that delivers crystal-clear sound over voice calls across the Maxis network.

  • With VoLTE, you will enjoy crystal-clear voice call quality and shorter call set-up time. On top of that, you will also be able to use mobile data at 4G speed even during phone calls. 

    1. All Maxis Postpaid, Hotlink Postpaid and Hotlink Prepaid customers who are using VoLTE supported mobile devices that are updated with the latest device software versions.
    2. Note: VoLTE for Maxis Postpaid customers with Share N Surf/ MISM (MultiSIM One Number) will be enabled in later phases (currently not enabled).
    1. Your mobile device supports VoLTE and you have updated to the latest device software versions (iOS/ Android).
      Please refer here for full list of devices available for VoLTE.
    2. You are within 4G coverage.
    1. All iPhone 6S and above that are running the latest iOS version.
    2. Selected Android mobile devices.

    Please refer here for full list of devices available for VoLTE.

  • VoLTE will be automatically activated if your mobile device is updated to the latest device software versions.

    You may also follow these *steps on your mobile device to enable VoLTE manually:
    Setting > Mobile Network > Mobile Data > Enable VoLTE

    *Steps to enable VoLTE may differ subject to mobile device models

    1. For iPhone users, the icon on the top left of your mobile screen will remain as ‘4G’ when you are making or receiving phone calls.
    2. For Android mobile users, you will see a VoLTE icon on the top right of your mobile screen when you are making or receiving phone calls.
    1. Apple Watch 3 and above running the latest WatchOS are enabled to use VoLTE.
    2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (Tizen OS) and Watch 4 (Wear OS) are enabled to use VoLTE.
  • You do not need to subscribe for a new service or change your mobile plan to enjoy VoLTE.

  • You do not have to change your SIM card to enjoy VoLTE.

  • It is an enhancement to the voice service which you are enjoying, there is no additional charge for VoLTE.

  • Currently VoLTE is available for Maxis & Hotlink subscribers in the following countries; and more countries will be added soon.

    • Indonesia (Telkomsel)
    • South Korea (SK Telecom)
    • Thailand (AIS)
    • USA (AT&T)
    • United Kingdom (EE Limited)
  • VoLTE is both device and network dependent. You will be able to continue to enjoy VoLTE if your new mobile device supports Maxis VoLTE.

  • Only Maxis certified VoLTE devices can support Maxis VoLTE. Please refer here for the full list of available devices for VoLTE and ensure that you have updated your mobile device to the latest device software versions to enjoy VoLTE.

    Visit Maxis VoLTE page for more info.

  • You may experience the described situation in low 4G coverage areas such as indoors due to VoLTE calls require stable 4G network reception.

  • If your mobile device is Maxis VoLTE supported, you will be able to enjoy VoLTE calls when you are in 4G coverage areas regardless of whether your caller or recipient is on VoLTE.

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