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Frequently Asked Questions

Manage Home WiFi

  • The Manage Home WiFi feature will allow you to analyse, troubleshoot and manage your home network easily. Watch this video to learn more:

  • This feature is available in Maxis app and Maxis Care, just select your Home Fibre service and click on "Manage Home WiFi" to unlock all features.

    • via Maxis app: If you have not added your Home Fibre as your favourite services; go to All Services > Manage Favourite Services > Select your Home Fibre service as your favourite > click Save > Click Manage Home WiFi
    • via Maxis Care: Click on Switch Line > Select your Home Fibre service > Click Manage Home WiFi
  • Please refresh your app and ensure that you are on the latest Maxis app version. The latest versions can be downloaded via your devices’ App Store or Google Play Store.

Test My Home WiFi

  • This feature enables you to check your network health and to optimize your home network connection. If there are any issues detected, it will help to fix or provide tips on how to resolve your issue.

    You’ll also be able to understand your connection better as you’ll have information on

    1. All your devices connected to your home network and the connection quality,
    2. What are the issues in your home network and some tips on how to resolve them.
  • It is not necessary to be connected to your Maxis Home Fibre Wi-Fi network to use this feature. You can use this feature to test your home Wi-Fi even by using any mobile internet network or any other network.

  • This tool can only be used to analyse your Maxis Home Fibre.

  • No. This feature only works if you are using the router provided by Maxis.

  • Your connectivity may be good however your browsing issue could be impacted by your WiFi connectivity and the signal quality of your devices connected to your home WiFi network. Your WiFi performance can be impacted by several factors such as building structure, radio or electrical interference, devices connected, distance and the frequency that you’re connected to (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz) which may impact your browsing experience.

  • For the time being, Test My Home WiFi does not support Mesh Wi-Fi.

  • The device connected will differ everytime you do the test as it depends on what devices are connected at that point of time when the test is done.

  • The 4G backup dongle will automatically be initiated if there’s a fibre disruption in your area. Once your fibre connection has been restored, your 4G backup connection will be automatically disconnected.

    However there may be times that your 4G backup may not be disconnected even if your fibre is restored. Rebooting your router will help to restore your fibre connection.

Router Settings

  • With this feature, you can reboot your router or schedule the reboot at your desired frequency and timing.

  • Rebooting your router regularly would ensure optimal performance of the router for better WiFi experience. We would encourage you to schedule your reboot at a frequency that’s suitable for you.

  • No. No notification would be sent prior to the scheduled reboot. You can check your schedule in the app.

Manage My WiFi – WiFi Settings / WiFi Schedule / Guest WiFi

  • With this feature, you can manage and change your WiFi name and password.

  • The network name and password will take effect immediately.

  • Guest WiFi is a separate home WiFi network created specifically for your guests. It gives visitors access to your internet connection however they can’t see any of your devices on your network and they don’t have the ability to access them. Most importantly, they can’t accidentally introduce malware or compromise your devices or data in any other way. This ensures that your main home WiFi network is secure and protected.

  • The QR code that you’ve generated contains all the information needed for your guest to access the network. Each QR code has a unique password. The WiFi network utilizes 5Ghz frequency / band to ensure that they have an optimal WiFi experience.

  • Yes, the network is secure, however you need to ensure that the QR code is within limited circulation to ensure the privacy of your network.

    Some tips to keep your Guest WiFi network secure:

    • Ensure that you disable your Guest WiFi when your guests have left.
    • Generate a new QR code every time. Do not use the same QR code multiple times or for a prolonged period.
  • There are a few ways to share the QR code. You can screenshot the QR code and share it via Whatsapp or other chat channels or you can get your guests to scan the QR from your phone to eliminate the chance of the QR code to be circulated to a wider audience. All they need to do is scan the QR code and click “Join”.

  • Your guests will have access to your guest network as long as you have not disabled the network. To ensure the privacy of your network, do ensure that you disable it once your guests have left.

  • You are unable to retrieve the previous QR code however, you can always generate a new QR code.

  • This could be possibly 2 reasons:

    1. If you’ve turned off your Guest WiFi
    2. If you’ve generated a new QR code, all the previous connections (from the previous QR code) will be disconnected.

Speed Test

  • The speed test via Manage Home WiFi tests the speed of your home network and you should be able to enjoy the speed as your subscribed package. The speed test by Ookla will test your WiFi speed where distance from the router or inference such as concrete walls may impact your WiFi speed which may give you a different result.

  • You do not need to be connected to your home WiFi to perform speed test. In fact, you may perform the speed test remotely from anywhere.

Connected Devices

  • Yes, all the devices that are connected your home WiFi network will be displayed, together with the signal quality of each device. You are also able to view devices connected via a wired connection (e.g LAN cable). The devices connected are based on the host name and you may rename the devices to enable you to identify each device connected to you home WiFi anytime.

  • Do check the number of characters of the name that you intend to use. The name of the devices should not exceed 20 characters.

Family Profile

  • The family profile enables you to build a profile for all your family members. You can group the devices that are used by the specific family member and limit the usage access for this family member. This is ideal for parents with kids who want to control the usage of their kids. For example, you can group the devices used by Family member A under 1 profile and restrict / block the websites that they can access for all their devices.

  • You can create up to 2 profiles.

  • You are able to assign up to 4 devices for each profile and block up to 3 websites.

  • There are several reasons why you may not see the device in the list:

    1. Your device may be not connected to your home WiFi network. You can connect to your Home WiFi network and retry.
    2. Each device can only be assigned to a profile once. If you’ve assigned the device to Profile A, you may not be able to assign the device to Profile B.
  • Yes you can. All you need to do is:

    1. Remove the device from the original profile that the device was initially assigned to and save your profile.
    2. Now you can add this device to the new intended profile.

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