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Alert: Beware of

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interim Invoice

  • An Interim Invoice is issued when you request for account termination or port-out from Maxis. It covers any unbilled charges incurred for your account for using Maxis’ services up until the time of your request which have not been included in previous bill statement. The amount stated in the Interim Invoice may not be the final amount payable by you.

  • The amount in the Interim Invoice reflects the outstanding charges up to the point of termination or port out request. The final Bill encompasses any balance charges incurred and payable by you for the billing period.

  • The Interim Invoice will be sent to you via SMS where a link is included for you to access and download a copy of your Interim Invoice for a specific timeframe as stated in the SMS. 

  • Yes, upon successful account termination or port-out, a final Bill will be issued to you, outlining all the charges accrued for the specific billing period.

  • You can make payment for the Interim Invoice through our existing payment channels such as our Maxis app or Hotlink app, Maxis Care or Hotlink Selfserve or online banking via JomPAY.

  • To ensure a smooth termination or port-out process, we recommend settling the Interim Invoice within the designated timeframe specified in the SMS and Interim Invoice. This will help avoid any delay or disruption in processing your request.

  • If we do not receive payment for the Interim Invoice, your request for account termination or port-out from Maxis will be rejected. We advise settling the Interim Invoice promptly to avoid any disruption in the termination or port-out process.

  • Interim Invoice for unbilled amount less than RM10 is not required. These usages will be in the final Bill which encompasses any balance charges incurred and payable by you for the billing period.

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