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Alert: Beware of

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Frequently Asked Questions

The all-new Maxis Trade-in Offer

  • The all-new Maxis Trade-in offer enables all Maxis individual customers to trade in devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches anytime and use the trade in value to receive instant discounts on Maxis in-store purchases and/or rebated back into Maxis bill.

  • This offer commences from 8 August 2023 onwards.

  • To trade in with Maxis, you must be: -

    • The account holder.
    • Your account must be under Consumer Individual or Business Individual – in other words it should be under your own name.
    • You must have any Maxis services except Hotlink Prepaid.

    You may walk in anytime to trade in if you have met the above criteria.

  • This offer is available at all Maxis stores nationwide. Click HERE to find a store near you.

  • Get a trade-in value quotation.

    • Download the “Maxis Trade In” app from Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS), and perform self-diagnose on your device, and the app will provide the trade in value base on the diagnostic.

    Back up and eliminate all personal data

    • Before trading in your old device, do back up the device (s) and perform factory reset before handing it over to us.

    Trade In

    Once the above are done, you may walk-in to your nearest Maxis store to perform the trade in. Our Maxis store assistant will perform validation from the diagnostic that you have made and confirm the value. Once this is confirmed and you have agreed, the store assistant will help you to complete the transaction.

  • Yes, you can trade in more than one devices; however, the trade in amount of one device can be used as instant discounts on Maxis in-store purchase per transaction; if you trade in more than 1 devices in one transaction, the trade in value of other devices shall be rebated back into your Maxis bill as a lump-sum amount.

  • Yes, you can use the trade in amount to offset the Device Advance Payment for your newly purchased device with Maxis. In addition, you can use the trade in amount to offset with any Maxis in-store purchases below:-

    • Device Advance Payment
    • Device Upfront Fee
    • Early Termination Fee
    • Rate Plan Advance Payment
    • Deposit
    • Zerolution Monthly Installment
    • Accessory Purchase
    • Bill Payment
  • The remaining trade in value will be rebated back into your Maxis bill as lump-sum amount

  • Yes, you can trade in even if you don’t purchase anything at Maxis store and the trade in value will be rebated back into your Maxis bill as lump-sum amount.

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