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Frequently Asked Questions

Trade In

  • The Maxis Trade-in program enables new and existing Maxis customers to trade in devices such as smartphones, iPads, Samsung Tablets and Apple Watch in order to receive upfront payment when you sign up a device contract.

  • The Maxis Trade in program is currently available at all Maxis stores nationwide. Let’s find a store near you. 

    Alternately, you can also trade in your smartphone via Maxis Trade-in app from the comfort of your own home.

  • To get an estimated value of your smartphone, download Maxis Trade-in app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store and follow the steps to assess your phone.

    When you are ready to trade in your smartphone and sign up with a new contract, just walk-in to any of the selected Maxis Stores and our team will help you to complete your transaction.

    For Smart Watch and Tablet, please walk-in to the nearest Maxis Stores to evaluate and trade-in your item.

  • You can trade one (1) device per contract sign up.

  • You may trade in a higher value device and sign up a device contract on a lower value device. You will receive the full amount of your trade in.

  • You will receive your payment within 3 working days. You may contact support centre of the trade program at +6018-669 2697 to check the status of your payment. Alternatively, you can WhatsApp your payment enquiries to +6017-880 0684.

  • To cancel your order, drop an email at or Whatsapp +6017-880 0684 with your order ID (MYCA00XXXX).

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