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Frequently Asked Questions

Maxis Postpaid Tablet Plan

  • Maxis Postpaid 18 Tablet and Maxis Postpaid 28 Tablet are 2 data-only supplementary line rate plans. They are only open for Apple Tablet device sold by Maxis on Zerolution. Refer to the Terms and Conditions here.

  • Maxis Postpaid 18 Tablet gives you 5GB data monthly for your tablet.
    Maxis Postpaid 28 Tablet comes with 30GB monthly, allows your tablet to use data from your data pool and you can set the usage limit via Maxis app.

  • Sorry, these plans are available for tablets on Zerolution only.

  • To purchase tablet with Zerolution, your principal line has to be the eligible rateplan and meet the criteria for Zerolution.

  • The mobile line for your phone will not be contracted. The line for your tablet and the tablet will be subjected to Zerolution contract and its terms and conditions.

  • You may sign up for Maxis Postpaid Tablet plans with Zerolution for Tablet device as a supplementary line with given number or convert from your existing line or mobile number if your existing line is not contracted.

  • You may upgrade your Maxis Postpaid 18 Tablet plan to Maxis Postpaid 28 Tablet and change back to Maxis Postpaid 18 Tablet.

  • You may upgrade to MaxisONE Share 48; however, reversion to Maxis Postpaid Tablet plans are not allowed.

  • Yes, International roaming is available for Maxis Postpaid Tablet plans and eligible for RM38/day data roaming pass.

  • Maxis Tablet plans are data-only plan. Calls and SMS services are not available with these plans.

  • Maxis Tablet Plans is bundled with the tablet purchased on Zerolution and should only be used with the bundled tablet. If the SIM card is removed from the tablet and used on any other device apart from the tablet under this Plan, you will not be able to access to mobile internet. Refer to the Terms and Conditions here.

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