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Frequently Asked Questions

WiFi 6 Certified Router

  • The new router has the latest WiFi technology, being a WiFi 6 certified device by the WiFi Alliance organization. It offers faster WiFi connections for better surfing and gaming experience, offers stronger, wider coverage and comes built-in with EasyMesh™ and has bigger capacity to connect even more devices.

  • The new router is given free of charge to new installations for all plans of Maxis Fibre.

  • Yes, the mesh device(s) and the DECT phone can be easily added to the new router. On top of that, this new WiFi 6 router also supports EasyMesh™, which means, customers can choose to buy WiFi 6 EasyMesh from Maxis and pair it to this router.

  • By being EasyMesh™ compliant, it means customer need to only purchase 1 EasyMesh™ node to deploy a Mesh network in their home. Maxis offers EasyMesh WiFi 6 to customers at an attractive pricing of RM12.50/month under Zerolution plan or an outright purchase price of RM299.

  • Yes, the devices will work with the new WiFi 6 router. The latest gadgets which have WiFi 6 technology will be able to fully maximize the new WiFi 6 router capabilities.

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