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Frequently Asked Questions

EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6

  • EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 from Maxis is a Wi-Fi device that can provide a better Wi-Fi experience for all your wireless devices by increasing Wi-Fi coverage and removing dead spots, ensuring seamless Wi-Fi connectivity for your entire home. It’s easy to set up, just plug-and-play and you’ll be able to able to connect your wireless devices to the extended Wi-Fi network. The device is Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ R2 certified and Wi-Fi 6™ certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance® organization.

  • Traditional range extenders are designed to help expand the reach of your wireless network, which in turn reduces speed and impacts performance levels. Mesh Wi-Fi technology transmit its signal at full power, resulting in better, more reliable Wi-Fi coverage for all your wireless devices, even when used simultaneously.

    Mesh Wi-Fi provides seamless handover (no break in internet connection as you move around at home) and automatically connects your devices to the node with the strongest Wi-Fi signal.

  • EasyMesh is a global mesh standard that is strictly controlled and governed by Wi-Fi Alliance. For customers, having EasyMesh certified mesh units means these mesh units are easy to install and use, self-adapting and supports multi-vendor interoperability. Both the router and mesh from Maxis are Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ R2 certified.

  • The EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 from Maxis is a dual-band (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) concurrent wireless mesh extender with MU-MIMO, supporting up to the 160Mhz channel width for the 5Ghz band. It also has the band steering feature which automatically selects the strongest WiFi frequency band for your devices ensuring optimum connection.

  • Maxis customers may purchase the mesh Wi-Fi via outright purchase at RM299/unit. Alternative, they may also purchase via Zerolution at RM12.50/ unit for 24 months via bill installment.

  • Outright purchase:

    • Any Maxis Stores – cash and credit card.


    • Selected Maxis Stores.
    • Maxpert.
  • You need a broadband internet connection, a EasyMesh certified router and a power supply.

  • Unlike most mesh technology, which requires customer to purchase two units of mesh WiFi, to create the a mesh Wi-Fi network, the new EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 can connect directly to the Maxis Wi-Fi 6 router. Hence, customer can setup their mesh Wi-Fi network at home with just a minimum 1 unit of EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6.

  • Total maximum of six devices can be setup on the same network.

  • The warranty period for EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 is 24 months.

  • First, do refer to the installation guide (model AR2140 or model LG-8245-X6. The model of the mesh can be seen at the label on the bottom of the mesh) to ensure that you have perform the set up properly. If issues still persist, please call in to 1-800-82-1123 or 123 (from Maxis mobile line) to let us assist and troubleshoot.

  • For details, refer to the installation guide, (model AR2140 or model LG-8245-X6. The model of the mesh can be seen at the label on the bottom of the mesh).

  • The EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 will work with any EasyMesh certified router. For the best performance of the mesh Wi-Fi network, we highly recommend using the Maxis Wi-Fi 6 router.

  • Always keep the EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 in open area and above the ground away from any obstacles (thick walls, metal appliances or other large electronics) to ensure Wi-Fi signal is optimum.

  • Yes, but only LAN network cable CAT5E and higher rated to achieve the maximum performance. It is advisable to use the cable supplied in the box.

  • Yes, you can connect to both network connections simultaneously for your client devices.

  • You can change the SSID or Wi-Fi name via the device web GUI.

  • An offline connection can be caused by many things. Here are a few simple steps to follow to resolve this problem:

    1. Turn everything off and back on again and make sure all devices are power up fully, and then wait for about 3-5 minutes.
    2. Make sure the wireless on the client devices you’re trying to connect is turned on and that it isn’t in Airplane mode.
    3. Make sure you are not too far away from the EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6. Try moving closer, even in the same room as one of the mesh WiFi, and check again.
  • Yes, the devices are expected to get warm when they are turned on and while operating but please ensure your mesh WiFi is operating at an optimal temperature, by:

    • Place your EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 out in the open space.
    • Don’t cover your EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 with other objects.
    • Avoid placing your EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 near excessive heat or direct sunlight.
    • Avoid placing your EasyMesh Wi-Fi 6 on soft surfaces.
    • Use the power adapter that is provided in your mesh WiFi package.

Expand your WiFi coverage.

The FAQ’s are meant for clarification purposes only. The FAQ’s may be modified from time to time. Please refer Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions of the products and/or services for more information.

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