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Frequently Asked Questions

Astro Bundle

  • Maxis Fibre is offering Astro TV direct to home (DTH) service to new and existing Maxis Fibre on selected plans with the following benefits:

    1. 3x speed upgrade for free if you sign up with Maxis Fibre plan 100mbps
    2. RM20 rebate for 24 months for Maxis Fibre plans 300mbps, 500mbps and 800mbps
    3. FREE Astro Ultra Box if you subscribe to Astro TV pack cost RM100 and above.
  • New or existing Maxis Fibre subscribers who are not existing Astro TV subscribers are eligible to sign up one (1) Astro TV service for one (1) fibre service.
    Existing Astro TV subscribers are not eligible for this offer.

  • One Maxis Fibre service is eligible to sign up for one Astro TV service only.

  • There isn’t any additional advance payment or deposit for your Astro TV. However, there may be an installation fee for your HD or Ultra Box.

  • Astro TV service comes with a 24-month contract period which starts from the date of Astro TV service activation.

    Early termination fee for Astro TV will be charged if any of the following occurs to your Maxis Fibre during the contract period:

    • Termination before contract ends
    • Transfer ownership
    • Relocation
    • Downgrade from original Fibre entry plan
    • Cease to be a Maxis Unlimited Postpaid and Fibre subscriber
  • Early termination for Astro TV RM1000/24 months X the remaining month of your contract.

  • If your benefit is RM20 rebate for 24 months, it will end after 24 months.
    If you are enjoying Free 3x the speed upgrade, you will retain your benefit for as long as you have the Astro TV pack with your Fibre.

  • You may upgrade Maxis Fibre and continue to enjoy your benefit of 3x the speed upgrade or RM20 rebate respective to the plan you switch to. Your benefit will end in case you downgrade your Maxis Fibre during your Astro TV contract period.

  • You may upgrade your Astro TV pack, however downgrade is not allowed as part of your Astro TV contract period. To change your Astro TV Pack, call the Astro at +603 9543 3838 or download the Astro App.

  • Yes, Astro DTH has to be relocated together with your Maxis Fibre service. Both services must remain and installed at the same address.

  • The Astro TV box/ DTH equipment comes with 24 month warranty and you may call Astro at +603 9543 3838 for support in case your equipment is faulty.

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