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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-order of iPhone 14 Series

  • iPhone 14 will be launched in Malaysia on 23rd Sept 2022. Interested individual customers of Maxis may pre-order iPhone 14 series at Maxis Online Store from 16 Sep till 22 Sep 2022

  • The following models of iPhone 14 series will be available for pre-order:

    iPhone 14

    Launch Date:
    23 Sept

    128GB @ RM4,199
    256GB @ RM4,699
    512GB @ RM5,699

    iPhone 14 Plus

    Launch Date:
    7 Oct

    128GB @ RM4,699
    256GB @ RM5,199
    512GB @ RM6,199

    iPhone 14 Pro

    Launch Date:
    23 Sept

    128GB @ RM5,299
    256GB @ RM5799
    512GB @ RM6,799
    1TB @ RM7,799

    iPhone 14 Pro Max

    Launch Date:
    23 Sept

    128GB @ RM5,799
    256GB @ RM6,299
    512GB @ RM7,299
    1TB @ RM8,299
  • You may choose from the following offers:

    1. Maxis Zerolution 24 and 36-month contract
    2. Normal Device Contract on 24 months contract


    To know more about contract details, go to

  • Successful pre-order customers will be one of the first to receive the phone from 23rd Sept 2022 onwards.
    You may select from the following options in your pre-order:

    1. Doorstep delivery
    2. Self-collection at Maxis Stores


    We encourage you to selected Self-collection from store to enjoy the following:

    • Special discounts up to 50% Apple compatible accessories
    • Lucky draw & stand a chance to win attract prizes
    • Up to RM500 extra on trade in price, including Apple Watch / Airpods
    • We have express queue in our stores for iPhone 14 purchasers.
  • All existing Maxis Consumer customers who are eligible to sign up a device contract may pre-order. To ensure a smooth pre-order experience, please ensure you have get ready the following:

    • No outstanding/ no overdue
    • An active Maxis line without any device contract


    Existing credit and eligibility policies apply.

  • Yes, all of our device offers with Maxis Postpaid plans include a device contract.

  • The pre-order is only open for existing Maxis customers. If you are planning to port-in to Maxis, we would suggest you to complete the port in transaction before your pre-order. 

  • Yes, your may submit pre-order and opt for Maxis Zerolution for your share line on Maxis Postpaid Share 48.

    Subject to eligibility check and T&Cs applies.

  • You may submit your pre-order via our Maxis Online Store.

    Subject to eligibility check and T&Cs applies.

  • Yes, you can sign up iPhone 14 contract on your Maxis Unlimited Postpaid line.  

  • No, you are not allowed to change or update your pre-order details once order successfully submitted.

  • No, you are not allowed to change or update your pre-order details once order successfully submitted.

  • Yes. We encourage you to select pick up from your preferred store, you are not allowed to change or update your pre-order details once order successfully submitted.

  • Yes, you may trade in your old device at any Maxis Center with your purchase of iPhone 14. 

  • Yes, please visit any Maxis stores to trade-in your old device. 

Mobile Device Reservation

  • Mobile device reservation is available when your preferred device is out of stock. 

  • Open for eligible Consumer customers (including business individuals) and must be an existing Maxis customer.

    1. Log in to
    2. Select your preferred model, If there is no available stock, reservation will be made available. (Just purchase it if the stock is available)
    3. Upon successful reservation, you will receive a confirmation email; after which please watch out for ready for purchase email when the model is available. 
  • Reservation fee of RM300 is payable at the point of reservation and it will be credited to your Maxis account.

    It will be reflected in your bill as bill payment upon the device purchase or reservation cancellation. Reservation fee is not refundable via cash or bank transfer. 

  • Debit card and online banking (FPX) payment are available for all purchases including mobile device reservation on Maxis Online Store.

    Cash payment option is not available for all transactions via Maxis Online Store.

  • Reservation confirmation: You will receive a confirmation email with your reservation details once reservation is successfully made. 

    Device is ready for purchase:  When your device model is replenished, we will notify you via SMS and followed by an email with a dedicated link for you to place the order. Be sure that place your order within 48 hours before the dedicated link expires

  • You will receive a confirmation email when the stock is ready for collection/ delivery.

  • Please do not complete the purchase and let dedicated link expires after 48 hours. Reservation fee will be reflected in your bill as bill payment after expiry.

  • Change of device model, capacity or colour for your reserved unit are not allowed. If you insist, you may cancel your reservation and place a new reservation with RM300 if your preferred model is also not available.

    For more details on the Mobile Device Reservation, go to

The FAQ’s are meant for clarification purposes only. The FAQ’s may be modified from time to time. Please refer Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions of the products and/or services for more information.

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