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Find the Perfect 5G Postpaid Plan for You in Malaysia [2024 Update]

Upgrade to the Best Postpaid Plan

Considering a new mobile postpaid plan in 2024? This guide explores Maxis' 4G/5G postpaid options in Malaysia, ranging from RM79 to RM199 per month, to help you find the perfect fit. Whether you're a light, moderate, or heavy data user, Maxis offers plans that suit your budget and data needs. All plans include unlimited calls, SMS, and data roaming. Explore the details and comparison of each plan below to make an informed decision and find the best plan for your needs.

Find the Best Mobile Data Plan For You

Maxis Postpaid Plans at a Glance

Plan Offerings Maxis
Postpaid 79
Postpaid 109
Postpaid 139
Postpaid 169
Postpaid 199
RM79/mth RM109/mth
Data (4G/5G)
80GB + Bonus 80GB 100GB + Bonus 200GB
120GB + Bonus 360GB
150GB + Bonus 600GB
200GB + Bonus 1TB
Calls & SMS
Unlimited Unlimited
Share Lines
- Up to 1
Up to 2
Up to 3
Up to 4
Suitable for
The best value 5G postpaid plan for single users who just need the basics.
Ideal for single users and small families who love surfing, social media, streaming and gaming.
Perfect for individuals and smaller families who want to stay connected via video calls, uninterrupted streaming, and gaming.
Great for individuals and bigger families who enjoy HD video calls, uninterrupted streaming, immersive gaming, and high-speed downloads.
The ultimate plan for heavy internet users and families of up to 5 members who want to experience everything 5G has to offer.

To find the perfect postpaid plan tailored to your data needs, you can check out our postpaid comparison page.

Maxis Postpaid 79: Chat, Text, & Browse on a Budget

This budget-friendly plan is ideal for users who only require the essentials: calls, SMS, and basic internet access. With the Maxis Postpaid 79, you’ll get 80GB of data (4G/5G) with an additional 80GB bonus (5G), plus unlimited calls and SMS within Malaysia at the low price of RM79 per month.

Maxis Postpaid 109: Stay Connected & Entertained

​​​Maxis Postpaid 109 caters to moderate data users who enjoy staying connected and actively using their devices for surfing social media, streaming, and gaming. You can get this plan for RM109 per month and it comes with 100GB (4G/5G) data and 200GB (5G) bonus data, along with unlimited calls and text within the country.​​

Maxis Postpaid 139: Power Up Your Mobile

Maxis Postpaid 139 is the perfect plan for users who demand more data to enjoy online activities like video calls, uninterrupted streaming, and frequent mobile gaming. It’s perfect for individuals who use their devices heavily or small families who share data. Signing up for this plan gives you 120GB of 4G/5G data and 360GB of 5G bonus data, in addition to unlimited calling and texting in Malaysia. You can sign up for this postpaid plan for RM139 per month.

Maxis Postpaid 169: Unleash the Internet

​​​The Maxis Postpaid 169 plan is designed with heavy data users and large families in mind. This mobile plan caters to those who enjoy activities like HD video calls, uninterrupted streaming, immersive gaming, and high-speed downloads daily. It comes with a massive 150GB data quota on a 4G/5G network, boosted by a whopping 600GB bonus data on 5G. On top of that, you get unlimited calls and SMS within Malaysia, all for RM169 per month.​​

Maxis Postpaid 199: Unmatched Online Experience

​​​For the ultimate data users, Maxis Postpaid 199 offers the full spectrum of internet accessibility with massive data allowances and unlimited features — perfect for households and heavy internet users who want to experience everything that 5G has to offer. Whether it's streaming your favourite shows in stunning quality, gaming without lag, downloading large files in a flash, or browsing the internet seamlessly, this postpaid plan's staggering 200GB (4G/5G) + 1TB Bonus (5G) data ensures you have everything you need for an unmatched online experience. Unlock the true power of 5G with Maxis
Postpaid 199
for RM199 per month.​​

Enjoy Seamless 5G Connectivity With the Best Postpaid Plans in Malaysia

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What are you waiting for? Check out the best 5G postpaid plans in Malaysia today with Maxis and upgrade to the all-new Maxis Postpaid Plans with 4G/5G data in 2024.