Alert: Beware of

Alert: Beware of

SMS Scam Purporting to be from Maxis

What Should You Do If You Lose a Phone With an Active SIM Inside?

What should you do if your phone is stolen/lost with an active SIM inside?

Suspend the service of your SIM

Contact your service provider immediately to suspend the service and request to block your phone number under the Public Cellular Blocking Service (PCBS).

File a police report

If a crime is involved, file a police report immediately.

This includes providing any information you have such as model, serial number, etc. Do ensure that the IMEI number is also included in your police report to help the authorities track your device. However, do remember to reactivate your account within 90 days after suspension.

Replace your SIM Card

You can walk in to any Maxis Store to replace your SIM card. As SIM replacement is an important change, please bring your MyKad to conduct biometric verification. For foreigners, you may walk in with your passport.

Do note that a replacement fee of RM10 is applicable.

Lock the device

If you have the option to lock your stolen or missing device, we advise you to do so immediately.

Both Apple and Android devices can be remotely locked using their respective “Find My” apps. This will prevent anyone from accessing your personal information.

File for a claim

If you are under our Maxis SafeDevice protection, you can make a claim if your device is stolen. Visit Safedevice – FAQs | Maxis for more information.