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17 Ways iOS 17.2 Takes Your iPhone to the Next Level

17 Ways iOS 17.2 Takes Your iPhone to the Next Level

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Just when we thought our iPhones couldn't get any better, Apple swooped in to surprise us with the arrival of iOS 17 last year, gifting us with a wealth of new features for our favourite pocket pal. Now with iOS 17.2, Apple is unlocking yet another wave of goodies  - enhancements that’ll enrich your user experience, making your trusty iPhone, well, new again.

#1 Journal to Your Soul

Remember jotting down dreams in dusty notebooks? Enter Journal, your digital confidante. Pen down daily musings, unleash creative bursts, or capture fleeting moments - it's a digital haven for your thoughts and feels. Password protection via Face ID and Touch ID keeps your entries safe, even from your nosy inner critic.

#2 React With Live Stickers 🥰

What better way to bring your conversations alive than with iPhone's new feature - Live Stickers. Now, reacting to messages has never been more fun or simple. The next time you get a funny meme or a surprising revelation, simply React with Live Stickers. How? Simply long-press on a text as you would to add a reaction, then tap on Add Sticker in the dropdown menu to display your stickers.

#3 Contact Key Verification in Messages

Contact Key Verification adds an extra layer of security to your messages, especially handy if you're at risk of cyber threats. Think journalists, human rights activists, government employees - basically, anyone who could be a potential target. This feature helps high-risk users ensure their messages are reaching only the intended recipients.

To turn this feature on, simply go to Settings > Apple ID > Contact Key Verification. Then, tap on the slider next to Verification in iMessage; follow the prompts that pop up, and voila - you've activated your Contact Key Verification in iMessage.

#4 Your (Memoji) Body Is A Wonderland

With iOS 17.2, it's not just the facial aspects of your Memoji you'll have reign over now. A new menu in the Memoji editor called Body lets you edit the appearance of your Memoji's body. Feel free to adjust your Memoji's waist, bust, shoulders and arms. Right now, only three options are available in each of these sections but expect Apple to expand them in future updates.

#5 Better Contact Posters

Apple's introduction of the Contact Posters feature in iOS 17 has been taken a notch higher with the 17.2 update. Now, you have the liberty to add a vibrant splash of colour to your Contact Posters by opting for rainbow-coloured text. I mean who doesn't love rainbow-coloured text?

#6 For Spatial Moments

With iOS 17.2's Spatial Video feature, capture awe-inspiring videos in 3D using iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Relive your memories on the Apple Vision Pro headset as if you're experiencing them once again. You can also view Spatial Videos in the Photos app like normal videos.

#7 Your Own Vibe

Create your own vibe by personalising your iPhone's default notification sound. You can find this functionality under Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Default Alerts. Here, you'll have the option to choose from a variety of new and classic tones.

But that's not all. The Default Alerts settings menu also has a section for changing your haptic feedback. Just tap on Haptics at the top of the screen, and voila - you're presented with the option to choose from several haptic patterns. Or even better, if you're feeling creative, create your own custom vibration by selecting Create New Vibration.

#8 Photos + Apple Music = Happy Memories

Upon upgrading to iOS 17.2, you'll notice a change when you open the Photos app. It'll now request permission to delve into your Apple Music library. Why, you ask? It's to smartly pick out songs from your music library to curate for your Memories, adding an extra layer of personal touch.

#9 Local Awareness option in Emergency Alerts

This remarkable feature is designed to keep you safe and informed, wherever you are. By utilising your iPhone's location services, this setting sends you emergency alerts relevant to your present location. Imagine you're out of town, and there's a flash flood warning for where you're headed. With this feature, your iPhone will promptly notify you, allowing you to plan accordingly and keep safe.

#10 iPhone 15 Pro Action Button - now with Translate

Ever found yourself tongue-tied in a conversation with a non-English speaker and longed for Siri's real-time translation magic? Now, a single tap on the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max's Action button will enable you to translate phrases on-the-fly or converse with someone in a foreign language. Fantastisch, oder?  Say goodbye to those awkward lost-in-translation moments!

#11 More Sensitive, Sensitive Content Warnings

The Sensitive Content Warnings feature first debuted in iOS 17 and it would blur out images and videos in various Apple services that may contain nudity. With the latest iteration of iOS, these warnings expand to include live stickers and contact posters as well.

#12 New Digital Clock widget

If analogue clock widgets get you all wind up, then you'll be chuffed that iOS 17.2 will give you the option to switch to a digital clock. And it looks great too.

#13 News App Now with Live Activities

The News app now empowers you with live coverage capabilities. The Live Activities feature allows you to engage alongside live news events, including elections, right from your iPhones that support Live Activities. Live Activities display real-time content from your app onto the iPhone Lock Screen. Additionally, newer iPhone models utilise Live Activities with the Always-On Display, and the Dynamic Island when the phone is unlocked.

#14 Bump and Share More

IOS 17 introduced nifty new AirDrop sharing features including NameDrop, SharePlay and Proximity Sharing. By simply bumping or bringing two phones close together, you're able to exchange contact information, share photos and files, or listen to music or watch a movie with someone nearby. With iOS 17.2, it gets even better. There's now expanded contact sharing options and the ability to share boarding passes, movie tickets, and other eligible passes.

#15 New Apple Music settings

If you're an Apple Music subscriber (for RM16.90 a month), then iOS 17.2 has a treat for you. It now allows you to automatically add your favoured songs to your music library. If you aren't thrilled with this feature, don't worry. You can simply toggle it off. Go to Settings > Music and tap the switch next to Add Favourite Songs to disable it.

#16 AppleCare and Warranty menu

Need to check up on AppleCare and your warranty coverage? No problem. Head over to Settings > General > AppleCare and Warranty. Just a quick tap and you’re presented with a comprehensive list detailing which of your devices are covered (or not) under AppleCare or a warranty. Prior to iOS 17.2, you might remember this as the Coverage option.

#17 Siri Does More

With iOS 17.2, Siri further expands her knowledge base and capabilities. Now, you can request information such as your current altitude and even ask for estimated arrival times when utilising voice guidance for directions. This makes hands-free navigation even more convenient. Siri also now supports privately accessing and logging Health app data using your voice.

Your iPhone, Now Better

So, there you have it - 17 ways how iOS 17.2 is more than just an update, it's a mini revolution in your pocket. From amplifying your creativity to safeguarding your well-being, it's a symphony of features that seamlessly blend into your life, making every interaction smoother, smarter, and ultimately, more you. Your iPhone is still your iPhone, of course, but simply better.

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Note: Some features may not be available for all regions or on all Apple devices.